Baby's 6-year-old hexade tooth life is not changed, Mom and Dad know?

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Baby's 6-year-old hexade tooth life is not changed, Mom and Dad know?

2021-11-26 06:08:00 9 ℃

From the child 6 months, the first teeth have been long, until 2.5-3 years old, the child's deciduous teeth completely sprout, the mothers finally comforted. But if the mothers find 5-6 years old, in the child, the lower part of the left and right four regions of the mother, will grow a constant tooth, this is actually the first constant molar, ie The earliest growing constant teeth. Because these 4 teeth are sprouting around 6 years old, they also call them "six old teeth" (as shown). Their colors are larger than the milk, the crown is the largest in all mining, so they are also the most firm and durable.

"Six Age" position and shape in children's mouth

"Sixresses" will not be replaced when changing tooths, which will accompany your child's life; and "hexagra" or other constant teeth, other constant teeth are longer, it is necessary to arrange it as a baseline. "The six old teeth" plays an important positioning effect on other constant teeth, so it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the children's "six old teeth".

Dirotic dental caries is generally caused by oral bacteria. Bacteria is easy to breed under acidic neutrality, if the baby "six old teeth" have been killed, Mom and Dad should take the baby to see the dentist to close the glow.

The so-called woven is closed, that is, an effective method of using synthetic polymer materials (also known as anti-carcassing) to prevent dental dot gap. Enclosed to the hosiggles to prevent the fettering of food and the macroplastic accumulation, acheidant, and prevent the occurrence of the nest. According to reports, the retention rate of the closure after 5 years is 42%. The closure of the closed agent is 43% of the teeth of the closure.

Many parents often think that the "six old teeth" is mistaken to replace the milk to replace it morning and evening, even if they find that there is no caries, there is no child to take the child to the hospital oral department for necessary examination and treatment, until the dentist has to pull the child's teeth When parents regret it. Therefore, 粑粑 粑粑 麻, "six old teeth" for the child, don't be confused!

Children to change tooth precautions

1, always pay attention to dental development

To pay attention to the growth of children's deciduous teeth and constant teeth, regularly take children to see the dentist to find problems at any time, and resolve early.

2, develop a good habit of brushing your teeth

To urge children to brush your teeth every day, the time before going to sleep at night is better than helping to brush, especially the upper row, it is more difficult to clean, and it is most likely to lead to caries. There is also a six-old molar to brush, because the most inside of the oral cavity, choose children's dedicated toothpaste and toothbrush, toothbrush heads should be as small as possible, otherwise it is easy to vomite when they reach it to the most inside. In addition to brushing your teeth, children have a good mouth every time you eat food to keep oral hygiene.

3, eating food with hardness

During children change tooth, eat more cellulose high, have a certain hardness, such as fruit, carrots, beans, corn, etc. to maintain good stimuli to the deciduous teeth, so that the deciduous teeth are detached on time, and on the other hand also helps through Chewing motion affects facial and eye muscle movements, accelerates blood circulation, promotes the development of total bed, jaw, and siscles, is healthy and beautiful.

4, promote calcium absorption

To strengthen children's calcium absorption, urge your baby to eat more calcium-rich foods, such as milk, cheese, tofu, canned fish, etc., while you have enough vitamins C and D, because these two vitamins are calcium Absorption help.

5, avoid using mouth breathing

To avoid the child's breathing, when the airflow passes from the oral cavity, the upper strip is caused to develop downward, causing the upper ridge to rise, and the upper left side of the upper bow is narrow, front Highlight, the result of the inclusions not only tilted forward, but also arranged confusion, forming a volatile.

6. Correct bad habits

It is necessary to correct some of the bad habits of children, such as tongue tongue, bite finger or pencil, use tongue to lick your teeth, etc., these bad habits will affect the growth of children's teeth, leading to dental deformation.

7, protect constant grinding teeth

It is necessary to specifically protect the first constant grinding teeth from 6 years old - six old molars, because it has the effect of positioning and setting the teeth of the whole oral cavity, which has a great influence on the development of child / jaw and facial development, for others Meng out of constant teeth and the neatness of neatness have also played an important role.

8, avoid unexpected dental deletion

It is necessary to conduct safety education for children, try to prevent trauma from deleting dental.

Oral expert tips

Prevention is the best way to put an end to Tooth: maintain a good oral habit. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, have a mouth after meal, adhere to the correct use of the floss, you need to regularly clean your teeth (generally half a year to one year clean once), regularly check, to make early hair, early diagnosis, early treatment, thus maintaining oral health, improve the quality of life. Found the oral problem early treatment so good!

Stomatology: Prevention is greater than treatment, don't wait until the problem is too big.