This is the two months after I have holiday and the holiday, and I lost 18 pounds.

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This is the two months after I have holiday and the holiday, and I lost 18 pounds.

2021-11-26 06:07:32 18 ℃

This is two months after I have holiday and the holiday, and I have lost 18 pounds.

(The current weight is 90 pounds)

You didn't see it! ! The big belly in the photo is mine! ! I am a fat belly with myself, and it is still the most difficult to reduce these two places. . . You have to ask me how to lose fat in two months, listen to me, diet, although I can call you a short time, but it brings a rebound that will let you roar - - So this method I must first Give it a cut!

I have been simple in the next two months, and the mouth is hurt, exercise sweating fat burning and matching weight loss fat. If you don't have thin, please review yourself is dead. ! !

Reduce fat, weight loss slimming, restraint and self-discipline are really important! Look at the sister of people, Shu Xin, say that losing weight will lose weight, and a group of people can not affect her cucumber! !

If we want to be a idol, please have a correct mentality and keep your self-disciplined mentality ~

Adjust your own mentality, I will give you some 7 methods that I quickly lose fat within two months -

First, don't eat breakfast

If you don't have breakfast, lunch and dinner will indulge your appetite, causing more eating more, so don't eat breakfast and weight increase almost simultaneously, then have breakfast, your total photo The amount will be much higher than eating breakfast; and there is a proven to be in adolescent development, people who don't eat breakfast will usually be relatively high and easily causing obesity.

In fact, the breakfast is best to eat warm, and it is very good. For people in weight loss, they are more suitable for eating fluid, like sugar-free soy milk, low-card milkshake, or meal porridge, health porridge, both nutritious and full of stomach; if there is time, I basically sleep before going to bed Bubble some grains of grains, and then cook it when you wake up the next day;

(Black bean mixed grain porridge)

(Red bean glutinous rice porridge)

(Yaman Red Date Porridge)

Sometimes exercise is too tired or forgetting the material, I will use hot water to brew a bowl of red bean glutinous rice flour to take low card fruit or cook a vegetable protein buckwheat face when breakfast, red bean glutinous rice powder is more suitable for weakness , Wet fat, then get up early, can easily edema, you can bubble a bowl, the calories is about 79, it is more special, it is a fresh strawberry butter, it is quite fresh, delicious Salty food can cook some shrimp tomato soba or eat some of the fine, it is quite digestion ~ So I want to quickly lose fat breakfast must not fall, grain mixed grain porridge or red bean rice flour is not a buckwheat noodles and vegetarian faces Alternately alive with two months.

Second, less food

Don't take yourself to a certain level, you will eat on time, we will divide it into six meals from these three meals, meaning it is just a few meals, eat a few times a day, such a diet It can promote parenteral motility to fully decompose the food and then absorb nutrition; Everything will be healthy, and the heat consumed will be more.

My breakfast time is 8 o'clock. The red bean glutinous rice flour is mixed with fruit or plain face; then 10:30 to 11 o'clock this time will give yourself some nuts.

Lunch time is 12 o'clock, eating reduction sandwich or falling fat, then drink low-fat yogurt at 3:30 or milk is meating;

(Fruits and vegetables with homemade reduction!)

Dinner time is 6 o'clock, eat the fat salad or add konjac ingredient low card full of purple potato konjac to eat porridge, fat salad can choose pure vegetables or high-protein meat to match CaCA, Purple potato konjac in a bowl of 80 big cards, it will be more enjoyable than the salad, and even if you don't need to eat low cards at 8 o'clock in the evening. Will not eat anymore.

* Shipping the fat or lose the lipus Sandwich, the salad can also go to the staple shop, the recipe can refer to the calories and nature of some foods, and there is a more accurate calories, don't go Calculate the match, so everyone can be measured alternately.

Third, drink 8 cups of water every day

Promise me to do a water baby? Because we will sweating and consuming heat through sports or big actions, we are constantly consuming moisture, so we need to maintain body liquid balance, absorb and utilize moisture;

Drink 8 glasses of water every day (that is, almost two liters) can help you consume more than 100 calories a day, a week is 700 calories, one month is 2800 calories; and the water in the body will help our liver and kidney more Health, promote our metabolism, people who drink plenty of water generally rarely get angry.

But it is not recommended to drink three hours before going to bed, because it will be easily edema after the next day!

Fourth, eat some low-fat dairy products

Now there are many low-fat dairy products on the market, including some low sugar-free soy milk, or skim, low fat milk yoghurt, etc., I usually choose low-fat yogurt and milk, Moss Lian and Yili's brand should be unfamiliar, drink this when I have added three or four in the afternoon ~

Persistence to eating low-fat dairy products will not help you burn more fat, but it will help you effectively resist fat formation. It allows you to get more calcium from your diet, thereby absorb less fat, eating a rich food including low-fat dairy products will reduce the hoard of abdominal fat. (That is, the little belly!) Five, proper drinking tea

I don't know if you have not payive, those uncle's uncle grandfather who are sighing tea under the big banyan tree is called a slim. In fact, many people who have successful people like to drink tea, in fact, because in tea, there are caffeines, coffee Because it can help consume heat; and the short-term excitement it produces will make you feel that the body seems to be full of energy, it is also enhancing your metabolism rate; if you drink tea every time, you can intervene in the body's carbohydrate A absorption, thereby reducing overall calories.

But be careful not to drink, don't you sleep - - If you don't like green tea or black tea, you can buy some corn tea bags to make tea, or drink some winter meloni tea to diuretic scraping oil to edema ~ Because the corn is very tight, there is a slight sweet taste, can replace the drink; the taste of the winter melon, the taste will be more heavy, and I can drink a cup for half an hour, then take a walk, so it is not easy to pile small belly.

Sixth, sports fat burning

In fact, Hiit is very fast, but not a lot of people are suitable, and its exercise intensity will be relatively high, and if we insist on traveling for 30 minutes every day, it is also a valid damping method, this way is suitable for Anyone who wants to consume more calories and don't want money. When you are exercising, the energy in your body must be consumed to meet your behavior needs, so that you will continue to move your leg forward, let your arm cooperate with your balance, time longer, you can already let you Feeling the slight sweating and tired. When you are exhausted, your body will continue to consume heat, this continuous consumption will probably speed your metabolism within 24 hours, so a high-intensity exercise is basically enough for you to consume those photos. The amount of heat is entered and the hoarding fat is started.

Because the energy in our body exists in a variety of ways, sports fat burning is not unreasonable. More relaxed exercise can only let the sugar in the body into energy, only when the exercise reaches a certain strength, it will be used to the fat in the body. It can be said that the exercise is like a fat burning fuel. The longer the movement time, the greater the intensity, the faster the fat will be burned.

If we want to burn in your own body, we need a movement for a long time, maintaining the metabolic rate in a higher level. I have long been going to go quickly, and I will go home at night. The lipid action is to fat burning and shaping.

The following ten groups will be adapted according to the ballet dance movement. At home, you can complete the reduction movement to everyone. Each action is 30 seconds, and the action interval does not rest every day to complete it to yourself 1 ~

Seven, loss of fat increase

Friends who have been answering before I have to know that I have pursued the body of the wired strip and the feeling of the like, of course, not the picture of the picture - then we will add muscle to yourself in the process of damaging the fat. Can you still have a sexual body like Zhang Yizhen while you are thinning?

First, with the growth of age, our new metabolic rate will begin to decrease, metabolize is not good or metabolized, this is not meat? So muscle training is very important in this time; increasing new metabolism is the most effective way to shape muscle lines is to combine aerobic exercise and strength training, which is not very important.

We have to increase the strength and frequency of strength training, each time you should be close to the limit, and you need to do it twice a week. There should be much more use in these thighs, abdomen, chest and arm, because these muscles consume more calories, and they will be more full, and muscle tissue will be more full, while muscle tissue is better than body. Adipose tissue consumes more heat ~

There are two ways to do this.

I just used these seven ways to quickly lose weight in two months, I hope that people who have an answer are not only to see and collect, physical strength and self-discipline are the most important, because success needs to work hard. And sweat and perseverance, while damaging fat and losing weight; !