Repeating the kidney anti-aging series - afraid of blood vessel aging problems?Have a good trick

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Repeating the kidney anti-aging series - afraid of blood vessel aging problems?Have a good trick

2021-11-26 18:07:37 54 ℃

"I left a bottle of additional agents, right wolfberry cup of tea", a seemingly Funny picture of the network, but in reality it is revealed inexplicable cut to the heart of deep thought: no one does not want eternal youth!

However, with age, our young state also disappear. When she was still young, he may have climbed the forehead wrinkles. When you still face pale anxiety, even worse, vascular aging has been carried out quietly.

Vascular aging, aging invisible

The medical profession has a very famous proverb: Man and artery with life (Aman is as old as his arteries), describes the important linkages vascular health with aging and longevity.

Blood vessels deep in our bodies, extending in all directions. Responsible for body tissue and blood supply to organs, so that the blood can reach throughout the body, nourish our Ruyang organs, organs, joints, skin and so on.

When we were born, blood vessels are very smooth and elastic. With age, blood fat and cholesterol deposition will slowly, gradually thickening the vascular endothelium, vascular lumen narrowing 1% -2% per year. When more than 75% clogged arteries, blood flow is too low, people will have chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches and other discomfort, more serious disease can be induced stroke, myocardial infarction.

In addition to the above-mentioned arteries, capillaries will also aging, performance thickening and a reduction in the number of blood vessel walls. Once these angiogenesis "aging", it could lead to various body systems and organs will decline. Those aging symptoms we usually known, such as loose skin, stiff walk, internal organs function decline, memory loss ...... also may be due to vascular aging into the sky.

Who "stole" the youth of blood vessels?

Eating disorders, socialize frequently, is becoming a common problem of modern man. Human physiological age and "vascular age," there may be very different, but some people physiological age three or four years old, but his degree of vascular health, the elderly might like seven, eighty years of age. If we examine his blood vessels by angiography, blood vessels can be seen winding, wall Gegedada, like insects, like some serious blockage was left with only a crack. Even if your body does not have any discomfort, but the blood vessel wall to accumulate "dirt" will greatly increase the risk of developing the disease, or even a direct threat to life. Therefore, vascular health intervention must be as early as possible.

Especially women enter menopause, estrogen secretion, blood vessels accelerated aging, wrinkles his face, the skin is not shiny, and how to make blood vessels to keep the young state, it is an important issue related to the health of middle-aged women. Atherosclerosis rapid rise in the incidence of postmenopausal women with estrogen deficiency is closely related.

Anti-vascular aging, you quietly make up the lost estrogen

Hospital Dr. Huang Dan has done a study published in the international academic journal "Frontiersin Psychology" (impact factor 5.810) a subsidiary of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in the study of molecular biology and zoology binding assays, the whole organization, studied eight sub kidney capsule membrane estrogen receptor binding, inhibit the inflammatory response mechanisms and apoptosis of endothelial cells, kidney and found that eight sub-capsules may be estrogen, estrogen receptor activation, system modulating serum levels of different cells, molecules, etc. metabolite spectrum disorders, blocking vascular inflammation, reduce vascular endothelial cell injury mediated inflammation, inhibiting atherosclerotic plaque formation, vascular anti aging.

The face of aging, everyone is young and full of desire to show. To maintain the appearance beautiful, let cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, memory loss comes late or do not come, what advantages kidney capsule of eight children, the use of scientific methods to slow the pace of aging vessels, can indeed reduce the incidence of many cardiovascular disease events.