People's Daily: Just 4 steps from fatigue to cancer!You are the grass of the unit, but the family's day!

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People's Daily: Just 4 steps from fatigue to cancer!You are the grass of the unit, but the family's day!

2021-11-27 00:07:35 30 ℃

The People's Daily WeChat once issued "From fatigue to cancer only four steps" warning to excessive overtime problems, and have issued "good leadership to take the lead in leaving the holiday more reasonably arrange employee holiday" (with post) Furgery, the excessive overtime, today I recommend it to everyone read.

It takes four steps from fatigue to cancer

Overtime, staying up late, the most feeling of modern people is "tired"! Long-term fatigue will bring a lot of health hazards.

It takes four steps from fatigue to cancer: mild fat and deep fatigue important organ internal variation induces cancer. Talking is weak, poor appetite, not easy to fall asleep ... This is the body reminding you: I have to rest!

Anti-fatigue full Raiders, transfer you!

You are the grass of the unit, but the family's day

In the unit, you are really not important! No matter what unit, you are just the grass! Leaving you, the sun is like rising, you don't want to imagine, even if you are leaders, do you say that there are a few people who are sincere, once they retired, how many people will remember you? People walking tea is a normal state of the unit, don't think that you are tail!

At home, you are really important! No matter where you are, leave you, the home can not call it a home, the child has no parents. Don't think that if you can stay at home, you can leave home, home is a place where you are warm, that is the small world of the sun, is a warm and comfortable small harbor.

Life is short, if you want to leave a good memory for your lover, let the greatest children leave beautiful ideas, you are really important.

Sometimes life can be very strong, and many times, life is really fragile. Because, life is impermanent! Please cherish today, today, today is today, that is because it is Jin Tian.

Overhand body is exchanged for so-called success and fameth, it will instantly sweep. In the end, we must also repair our body with money, add a burden to the family, and finally bring your loved ones! If you pass away from any reason, then for your home and family, the sky is really falling down! That is a painful pain, it is a heartbreaking injury.

After a sense of enthusiasm, it is cold, but it is cold, and Ignore the education of children. I don't look at the filial piety for the elderly. This is not what you love is really wound.

In the unit, today is a big thing, tomorrow is a little thing; this year is big, next year is a story; in any big thing, the departure is just a legend!

When you retire, you know what is the real root! For each of us, moderate work, take care of the body, more accompanying family, educating children is the most important!

Less than paying outside, more to take care of the elderly; some wine friends, more people with their families; less flower intestines, more than the husband (woman), one person only has to do this.

So, please remember: You, only at home is no one can replace it! You are the most important for your family! The demanding family is not Ronghua, but you need to have your concern and companionship.