US Health and China's Thoracic Surgery Lung Cancer Prevention and Control Alliance reached a strategic cooperation to build lung cancer to prevent and control

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US Health and China's Thoracic Surgery Lung Cancer Prevention and Control Alliance reached a strategic cooperation to build lung cancer to prevent and control

2021-11-27 06:07:13 31 ℃

On November 24th, the Domestic Health Industry Holding Co., Ltd. ("Delivery Group") and the Chinese Thoracic Surgery Lung Cancer Alliance signed on "Signing of Full Management Strategic Cooperation in Jianluo - Lung Health" Strategic Cooperation Agreement aims to jointly build lung cancer prevention and treatment of early scraping, early diagnosis, and early treatment.

The Breakfast Group and the Chinese Thoracic Surgery Lung Cancer Alliance Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

According to the agreement, the two sides will surround the prevention of pulmonary cancer early sieve, early treatment and integrated diagnosis and treatment platform; formulate lung cancer early sieve standards; Popular propaganda launched cooperation.

On the same day, the Delivery Group was awarded the national "Lung Cancer Prevention and Crystal Body Beauty" title by China Health Management Branch. Zhejiang Baiyun University Health Management Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu American Health Management Co., Ltd. were granted the national "lung cancer prevention and treatment of the National" Lung Cancer Prevention and Concern, the Chinese Medical Association Health Management Branch. Unit "title.

Early screening and diagnosis of lung cancer becomes the key to control

"2020 National Cancer Center Annual Report" shows the first place in malignant tumors in patients with lung cancer in my country. Global 30% lung cancer deaths from China, while China 2/3 lung cancer cases have been found to be medium and advanced, so early screening and early diagnosis of lung disease and other pulmonary diseases are particularly important.

China's Thoracic Surgery Lung Cancer Alliance Chairman said that China's Thoracic Lung Cancer Alliance and China's largest health checkup and medical group-US annual health jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the two sides actively promote lung cancer prevention and treatment of early treatment, tuberculosis Dimensional Assessment of the Dimensional Management and Its Contribution to the Construction of "Health China 2030".

"The" Health China 2030 'Planning Outline "clearly pointed out that we must increase our overall cancer five-year survival rate by 2030." Supporting Yi said that it is necessary to establish a multi-dimensional assessment. System, using artificial intelligence technology, using liquid biopsy projects, especially seven autoantibody detection techniques of lung cancer, and screen more early lung cancer.

Yu Meng, Chairman and President of the Breakfast Group, said that the early scrape and early diagnosis of lung cancer and the long-term health have made the lung cancer early as an important mission and task. Integrated services as strategic focus and focus. The health of more than 600 medical examination centers in the country is fully launched in the country. At present, the four major health check-up brands of the United Nature Health, "Domestic Health", "Ci Ming", "Oia" and "Magines" have low-dose spirals including Siemens, Philips, Canon, Liangying, Hiti and other brands. CT has reached 863 units, and the low-dose spiral CT has been basically replaced with traditional DR.

Directors and President of the Breakfast Group

"As the discovery rate of lung nodules is rising, early screening and early diagnosis of lung cancer becomes the key to lung cancer prevention and treatment." Yu Meng said that this time has reached a strategic cooperation with China's Thoracic Lung Cancer Alliance, looking forward to the next and alliances Member units build lung cancer screening diagnosis integrated ecotropic circles, and work together to control allopathy management of lung cancer, standardized diagnosis and lung health, jointly promote the development and popularization of early sieve innovation technology in lung cancer, and help industries to establish standardized diagnosis and treatment system, help " The realization of the goal of China's 2030 ", which boosts the new height of the Chinese lung cancer prevention and treatment.

Prevention and control of lung cancer is my country's tumor prevention and control breakthrough point

On the same day, Guo Qing, director of the Chinese Medical Association Health Management Branch, published the "implementation of health Chinese strategy, promoting early screening of lung cancer", said that health management "three early" screening, early evaluation, early Intervention, require construction of technical model formation, process, standard, and model to implement.

Guo Qing, Director of the Chinese Medical Association Health Management Branch

"Lung cancer prevention and control is the breakthrough point of my country's tumor prevention and control, and anti-major illness, focus on prevention and control of lung cancer." Guo Qing said that my country's lung cancer is increasingly young, and no smoking is also a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to properly relax the range of high-risk populations of lung cancer in the basis of evidence-based medicine, and the risk model of China lung cancer is accumulated, thereby providing guidance programs for lung cancer opportunities. I hope that the US Health Group actively carries out the study of the lung cancer screening of China's health check-in people in the 5G + 'three-early "full cycle of health management system, and constantly accumulates the risk of anti-cancer management of lungs, and actively promotes the risk of multi-dimensional lung cancer. The establishment of the model.

Bai Shizhong, China Health Promotion Foundation, Lifelong Honors, said that China's Health Promotion Foundation Cancer Prevention Special Fund will use the opportunity of "global lung cancer to pay attention to the moon" in November, will join hands with experts, scholars, and joint beauty of lung cancer. More than 600 medical inspection centers in Health Group launched a series of health education science and clinic activities around lung cancer. At the same time, the China Health Promotion Foundation will continue to actively promote lung cancer prevention and early screening, early treatment early treatment and rehabilitation management, is committed to building a full management model of lung cancer to control, and strive to build lung cancer prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation medical service system. .

China Health Promotion Foundation Lifelong Honor Chairman Bai Shizhong Video Speech

Wu Fei, director of China Health Promotion Foundation, Cancer Control Special Fund, said that the prevention screening of lung cancer, early treatment and rehabilitation management integrated service is to solve the high hair of lung cancer, extend the survival period, improve the quality of life, and reduce social burden A key path. It is important to change the current situation of domestic lung cancer prevention and treatment, find a Chinese characteristics of lung cancer prevention and control, constructing and implementing lung cancer to prevent and control the Affilia to see more important. US annual health will provide lung health management overall solutions

According to Sun Wei, Vice President of the US Health Group, China's Thoracic Lapsear Cancer Alliance is jointly controlled with a multi-discipline, and the development of lung cancer work together with the US-year-old health. On the one hand, it can provide a full range of services to patients, and prolong the life of patients with lung cancer. Improve the quality of life; on the other hand, we can improve the anti-cancer consciousness and medical examination awareness of the people, improve the diagnostic rate of early lung cancer, and meet the strategic requirements of the "Health China 2030" planning of the state.

It is reported that after the health of the National Lung Cancer is selected, it will be integrated in accordance with the overall architecture of the National Lung Cancer, which will be integrated, intelligent, and the full life cycle of the "pre-examination, inspection, post-test" integration, intelligent, and post-test. Health management overall solutions, co-construction with many member units of China's Thoracic Lung Cancer Alliance, further improve and upgrade the full management system of existing lung health, and gradually realize the core of "anti-big disease, tube slow disease, promoting health" Strategy.

Sun Supong, President of Hangzhou Kai Paulo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said that it is a major breakthrough in the early screening field of lung cancer. As one of the key technologies of the national lung cancer, the National Science and Technology Progress Award was obtained, "2021 Chinese Medical Association lung cancer diagnosis and treatment Specifications Guide "Recommend, I look forward to working with the US Department of Health, together with better lung cancer early screen diagnosis services for medical examiners.

President of the Breakfast Group, Zhejiang Company, General Manager of Jiangsu, General Manager of Jiangsu Province, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Company, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Company, Director of the Breakfast Group Product Innovation Director Hu Yujuan and Hangzhou Kaico Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The guests such as the president, witnessed the signing ceremony of this strategic cooperation.