2022 • The 2nd MRNA Drug Technology Innovation Summit

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2022 • The 2nd MRNA Drug Technology Innovation Summit

2021-11-27 06:06:15 34 ℃

Summit introduction

2021, this year, the biomedical circle is popular, have you / your mRNA?

This year, mRNA became a hot topic.

Academician, Gaofu said: "The mRNA vaccine has been successfully developed, giving Chinese vaccination corner overtaking opportunities."

Tesra's Mask said: "Medical future is mRNA, basically you can use mRNA to cure everything. It is like a computer program, you can program anything you need. You can change. A butterfly. "

This year, domestic mRNA vaccine has made new progress:

Fosun Pharmaceutical Cooperation Biontech Biontech BNT162B2 (Review) has been urgently used in Hong Kong and Macau, which has been urgently used in China, and the approval work listed in China is also in normal promotion.

The Arcov vaccine of Aibo creatures has completed the i-phase, II clinical studies, and the clinical III experiment has been launched.

The second-generation new crown mRNA vaccine for variability is in Southeast Asia to get the first overseas national clinical approval.

This year, domestic biomedical giants have layout mRNA fields:

Pharmaceutical bio-placing fundraising of HK $ 13.1 billion, used to build new capacity and investment mRNA related techniques to provide capacity of stock solutions, formulations, mRNA vaccines, etc.

Junshi creature 800 million yuan layout mRNA new drug / vaccine.

This year, mRNA biocontrol financing is hot:

The microorganism has completed C and C + round financing at the end of May, financing 1.2 billion yuan, and the company is estimated by nearly 6 billion yuan.

Aibo creature has completed the total amount of more than $ 700 million, which is more than 4.5 billion yuan C round financing. The total amount of financing has refreshed the record of some single financing before IPO of China's Biomedical Enterprises.

From the beginning of 2021, the various forums were still explained by the principles and advantages of mRNA drugs. By the end of 2021, they have been put into mRNA's research and development at the end of 2021.

On March 10-11, 2022, the same time, the same place, the second mRNA drug technology innovation summit is about to be held, talk about things happening in the 2021 mRNA field, show the results, share experience, explore the problem, looking forward to the future .

On March 10-11, 2022, Shanghai Zhangjiang, looking forward to your arrival.

Second characteristics

1, stronger lineup

The person in charge of the most famous, top scientists, mRNA technology popular enterprises, as well as experts from reviewing agencies, hospitals, governments, will be invited.

Aim to build the highest level of MRNA expertise in China!

2, discussion deeper

Not only discussing the prospect of mRNA, but also discusses the problems and achievements in the development and production process, not paying attention to the concept, more concerned about actual operation.

3, longer time

From an increase in a day to two days, the discussion is more comprehensive, from mRNA drug prospects, sequence synthesis, delivery systems, production evaluation, evaluation, and so on.

4, larger scale

500 professionals from bioengines, research institutions, investment institutions, governments, hospitals, will participate in this forum.


1. Organizer:

Shanghai Jikai Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Biomedical Industry Association

Shanghai Biomedical Technology Research Institute

2, guide unit:

Shanghai Economic News Commission Biomedical Office

Shanghai Science and Technology Research Center

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Science and Technology Development Center

Schedule and participants

Time: March 10-11, 2022;

Location: Shanghai · Zhangjiang Yaluan Hotel

Main Participants: Biomedical Enterprises and University Research Institutions;

Size: Total 500

Main topic

Discussion around mRNA technology prospects, sequence synthesis, delivery systems, and upstream industrial chains, etc.

The latest progress in mRNA drug technology;

R & D and application of mRNA vaccines;

Clinical evaluation of mRNA vaccine;

Production and storage of mRNA vaccines;

Key issues and prospects of mRNA technology;

Characteristics, advantages and value of mRNA technology;

Strategy for the upstream of mRNA vaccines;

Synthesis, optimization of mRNA sequences;

Development of mRNA drug delivery system;

Challenges and Solutions of MRNA Large - scale Purification;

MRNA technology industry layout and challenge at home and abroad;

MRNA drug industry investment hotspot and opportunities;

Research and Achieve Transformation of mRNA Technology;

Intellectual property protection of mRNA technology;


Summit guest

Invited and intended to invite guests as follows (more than 40 guests, ranking no division)

Chinese Disease Control and Prevention Academician

Dean of Fu Dai, Shanghai Biomedical Technology Research Institute

Shanghai Biomedical Industry Association Chen Shao Xiong Secretary

Professor Shao Liming, Fudan University

Professor Lin Jinzhong, Fudan University MRNA Drug R & D Center

Professor Cai Yagan, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Fosun Medicine Back Dr.

Dr. Li Huai

Dr. Aibo Biology

Director of Pharmaceutical Biology

Blue Rock Biostair CEO

Professor Takaho Xu Yubo

Confident, Dr. Li Lin Fang

Dr. Zhang Longgui, a thick drug industry

Wowenian expert Kangshino expert

Messi expert

Kingsi expert

Chinese medicine Chinese biological experts

Saimo experts

Roche diagnosis expert


Summit welfare

Free "2022" Global MRNA Pharmaceutical Patent Analysis Report ", providing mRNA patented technical information, guiding research and development, avoiding patent traps, promoting technical transformation!


Early bird ticket: 800 yuan / person

Deadline: Sold for Sold

Standard Ticket: 1880 yuan / person

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