Low back pain, relying on lumbar and lumbar muscle strain, nearly half of people suffering from intervertebral tray

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Low back pain, relying on lumbar and lumbar muscle strain, nearly half of people suffering from intervertebral tray

2021-11-27 06:07:23 30 ℃

Back pain, muscle strain is often caused lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis and other diseases. In the field of low back pain, there is a high incidence of low back pain, about 39% of chronic low back pain, low back pain is such a lumbar discogenic pain.

What lumbar discogenic pain is?

First, we must understand that it has nothing to do with the pain caused by lumbar disc herniation.

Second, it has nothing to do with low back pain caused by muscle strain.

Lumbar discogenic pain, lumbar disc itself is only a problem, caused by pain.

Let's look at the structure of lumbar intervertebral disc, as shown below. Lumbar disc by upper and lower cartilage, elastic nucleus pulposus, annulus fibrosus together layers interleaved composition.

We know that pain is often where there is the presence of nerve. Lumbar intervertebral disc was on the distribution of nerve endings from different sources, for example in the outer layer of the annulus, there is a nerve endings called sinus vertebral nerve, the nerve endings and sometimes that is the source of back pain. Why, then, it will lead to low back pain?

1. excessive pressure

The elderly and people sedentary, often there is lumbar disc degeneration, does not know love once waist, sitting, lifting heavy weights, often leaning forward, fast reverse the waist, lumbar disc will instantly be under tremendous loads, lumbar disc It will be crushed, and to stimulate the nerve endings inside the nucleus vertebral sinus nerve endings, causing pain.

2. Tear annulus

Lumbar disc pressure for too long, too big, fibrous ring rupture will occur off the annulus tissue produces pain caused by chemical properties of the medium, these substances stimulate the nerve endings in the pain caused by lumbar disc, can also cause back pain.

3. immune response

After the material within the nucleus of lumbar disc degeneration occurs, and not willing to slaughter, but has become antigen, so that the body's immune reaction occurs, it will produce a number of inflammatory substances that stimulate nerve fibers to the outer annulus, can also cause low back pain.

Concluded that discogenic back pain, sciatic nerve is not involved, only some stimulate nerve endings and cause pain, pain its scope not only for back pain, leg pain as well as a small part.

Low back pain caused by lumbar disc herniation, leg pain, a prominent nucleus to the sciatic nerve compression, cauda equina caused pain, back pain is often the first, after the leg pain after the range from the thigh to the waist measurement, leg lateral radioactive pain.

Another point, low back pain caused by muscle strain, lumbar disc with nothing to do, but the waist muscles are caused by over-stretch the lower back muscles appear inflammation, causing pain that often range as the waist, back pain .

If back pain occurs, do not simply judge their own lumbar disc herniation, or muscle strain, also the waist or other disease that requires professional organizations to conduct a detailed examination, then symptomatic treatment.

So, lumbar discogenic pain and how to cure it? You can be cured?

Currently, there are two ways for the conservative and minimally invasive lumbar discogenic pain. Conservative treatment is mainly anti-inflammatory pain can be oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, topical plaster can be treated, the clinical effect is better, more commonly used plaster has Dongle cream, which contains Strychnos taste meridians of analgesic effect pole good medicine, general patching can achieve better results in pain at. If serious condition, conservative treatment two months are not effective, minimally invasive treatment can be considered. The main purpose of minimally invasive ablation off part of the nucleus pulposus, reducing the pressure within the disc, mitigate and reduce tissue irritation to the nerve endings, so you can eliminate or alleviate pain.

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