High school students, low back pain, foot paste, is old injuries

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High school students, low back pain, foot paste, is old injuries

2021-11-27 12:08:36 24 ℃

Lumbar disc herniation is a common lumbar disc herniation disease in middle-aged and elderly people. 18-year-old high school students Ah Hao (pseudonym) has a low back pain for more than two months, and the two feet is half a month. Recently came to the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, but also diagnosed as a lumbar disc herniation. Why does the lumbar disc herniation find a teenager? Experts said that old-term-neoadjuts and long-term situations may be incentive.

In September this year, there is not long after the third school, and Ah Hao feels uncomfortable waist. At first, I took a long time for a long time, and later, there were two legs, fatigue, and even sleep in the evening. What is the most uncomfortable is that it is impact that the lower limbs are paralyzed in less than half an hour. Parents quickly took Ah Hao to the Chinese Medicine Department of Water Medicine.

After the examination, I found that Ah Hao's lumbar vertebrae 4,5 disc her light bulging, the waist 4 vertebral body is shifted, the vertebral body also has a certain degree of twisting, and there is a case where the spinal bending occurs. Doctor diagnose, he is suffering from lumbar disc herniation.

Why gently highlight the lumbar disc? It turned out that three years ago, Ah Hao has been inadvertently sprased by playing basketball, and there is no attention. According to the father of Ah Hao, the child likes to kneel from the table, smashing the body, sitting posture is not too late.

"The sprain of playing basketball may be the cause of lumbar disc herniation. At that time, there may already have the twist of the lumbar vertebral body, misplaced, plus long-term bad sitting posture to the lumbar vertebrae, gradually evolved into a lumbar disc herniation." Chinese medicine department Director practitioner introduced.

Ah Hao immediately accepted the treatment of waist reset, and the symptoms were gradually improved.

It is understood that the lumbar disc herniation has a long-term repetitive strain, a long time, fixed a posture, bending and weight, the congenital abnormal abnormality of the lumbar vertebrae (lumbar small joint deformity and joint regulations), genetic factors, etc..

"The young people suffer from the history of abruptness." Yu Haibin reminded that young people play a waist injury in playing basketball, playing football, etc. If the damage can be intervened in time, reset can greatly reduce the occurrence of lumbar disc herniation.

The habit of life is also easy to cause the spine problem. The most common thing is to sit in the face, sitting, smashing the body, sitting for a long time, sleeping for a long time, it is easy to induce the spine bend. Playing mobile phones for a long time, making many adolescents suffer from cervical spondylosis. Adolescents should pay attention to spine health, including end positioning, keep the spine in the spine; choose the backpack, avoid using shoulder bags and handbags, to avoid being uneven; sports, you can choose breaststroke, sit-ups, push-ups, gymnastics, etc. It is conducive to maintaining muscle symmetry balance.

[Reporter] Jiang Ling

[Correspondent] Bai Yu Zhang Xun