What should I do if my baby has a cough?

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What should I do if my baby has a cough?

2021-11-27 18:05:17 25 ℃

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1. Drink plenty of water: Drink plenty of water can not only maintain the oral, nasal mucosa moist, relieve discomfort, can also dilute the sputum, which is conducive to the discharge of viscous sputum, so the baby can give the child more when coughing Drink water. In addition, breast milk, formula, fluid food (such as porridge, soup), etc., is the way of rehydration, for babies that have coughing in June age, parents do not need additional water, more feeding, big Children, parents can urge children to drink a small amount of water many times, can also make the child eat some nutritious fluid food during cough, such as meat porridge, broth, etc. However, pay attention to eating sweets and cold drinks, because sweets and cold drinks are more likely to sputum from traditional Chinese medicine.

2. Take a sputum: When the baby coughs, you can put it up and put the back and roll. When you shoot, your parents hold a hand into a vaccuced box, then in the baby's chest and back (ie left and right lungs) Location) is tapping from the bottom to the top, especially in the place where the baby's back and the bottom sputum is more likely to accumulate, and it is properly tapping, through the vibration, to promote the sputum in the baby lung and broncho, and to the air The discharge of the tube is to achieve the purpose of ivory. When the back, parents pay attention to keep your hand, properly use points, take 3-5 minutes per side, 2-3 times daily. After the sputum cough, we will immediately wipe the weekly sputum. If the baby does not cough, it is swallowed, nor is it too worried, because there are many digestive enzymes and acidic liquids in the human gastrointestinal tract, and they can also destroy Bacteria and removal of foreign matter.

3. High: If the baby coughs if the baby is going to sleep, Mom and Dad can take a little higher at the head and rotate the left and right side, which is conducive to the discharge of the baby's respiratory secretion and relieve cough symptoms.

4. Humidity: When your baby coughs, you can draw a cough method by water vapor, and use moist air to remove the pulmonary mucus and calm the cough. If the indoor air is dry, you can put a pot of water in the room, or hang a wet towel, or you can use a humidifier properly. When you use a humidifier, you should pay attention to too long, the water inside the humidifier is best to use pure water. Or distilled water, do not directly inject tap water to avoid disinfection by-products in tap water As the water mist is volatilized to the air, it is easy to damage the human health, and the calcium magnesium ions in the water are precipitated in the humidifier. White powder It is easy to block the spray micropores, affect the humidification effect and the life of the humidifier.

5. Atomization: Atomization treatment is a common method in the treatment of child respiratory disease. It is dispersed the drug through the suction device into a haze or particulate in the gas, and the drug is precipitated in the respiratory tract by inhalation, and oral medication In contrast, atomized inhalation treatment while reducing the dose of the drug directly reaches the affected area, it reduces the systemic side effects, and the efficacy is remarkable. In respiratory disease treatment, atomization inhalation has become an important adjuvant treatment measures. Therefore, if it is more sputum, the baby coughing can not be used properly under the guidance of a doctor, so that the drug with 痰 efficacy is used to give the sputum adhesive on the bronchi mucosa to be diluted, and with a cough action, Thereby achieving the effect of reducing cough.

Finally, it is necessary to remind it that if the child is coughing, there is a sound, the dog is coughing, or a breathing is a lot of sound, and it can hear the sound of "嗬嗬" when inhalation. It should be vigilant and take the child to the hospital to diagnose the doctor to avoid delaying the condition.

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