Long-term vegetarian food contribute to deteriogen?Creatinine rises, kidney diet should pay attention to "2 2 忌"

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Long-term vegetarian food contribute to deteriogen?Creatinine rises, kidney diet should pay attention to "2 2 忌"

2021-11-27 18:08:30 44 ℃

"Your blood creatinine is a bit high, isn't it eat more than meat?" Lao Lin suffered from high blood pressure for many years, which triggered kidney disease. In order to master the kidneys, he must not only regularly monitor blood pressure, but also check the kidney function from time to time. Who knows an examination, it has been found that the level of blood creatinine is a bit high, the doctor said that this is an influence of renal function, so that he has fewer points.

However, the old forest felt strange, since it has found that high blood pressure is unstable, after the kidney, he has been only eating vegetarian, and there is no problem with meat. I thought it was insufficient experience in the doctor. Who knew that the doctor knows, he also hides "danger" in the vegetarian of him. Although the diet of Lao Lin is vegetarian, there are also some "not simple" vegetarian, such as bean sprouts, mushrooms, etc. If you want to know what questions these vegetarian dishes, you may wish to look down.

How to eat nephropathy patients with rising creatinine?

- Remember "2 2 忌忌"

First point, it is suitable for vegetarian, but you can't only eat vegetarian

Patients with nephropathy, the main reason is to contain rich dietary fibers in vegetarian foods and inexic levels, which can reduce metabolic waste while producing satiety, reducing the burden on the kidneys. However, many people are obviously extremely extreme, and only any benefits of vegetarianity to nephropathy.

First let's talk about the problem of malnutrition. Many people don't eat meat, even eggs, milk, and the body can only obtain proteins in foods such as rice, pasta. However, these proteins are not high quality proteins, more waste produced after metabolism, and the kidneys will face higher metabolic issues.

Second, not all vegetarian foods are suitable for kidney disease, such as mushrooms, bean sprouts, soy milk and other vegetarian foods, although there is no, but the level is very high, nephrotic patients are in high blood creatinine, often eat these Vegetarian, I am afraid that it is "fire over".

Second point, supplementary high quality protein

High quality protein mainly refers to the appropriate nutritional ratio, high nutrient content, more easily absorbed by human body, and the resulting metabolic waste will relatively small. The more typical representative is milk, eggs, and chicken meat. After the food is eaten, it can be "one top two", and can also produce a higher supplementary protein than graves, and can reduce the burden on the kidney.

As long as the kidney proud can choose the amount of protein supplements that suits you, the rehabilitation of kidney function is more beneficial, and the daily diet can try.

First avoiding 高 高 嘌 食

Gantogenic food can be said to be the dead end of kidney disease, which may cause ururonic acid in the human body to rise, and the kidney will also be injured, it is more likely to cause problems such as hyperuricemia. For those who are not very good for the original kidney, it is to avoid eating sanogenic food.

A more typical representative is some meat food, seafood, animal internal organs, etc., is relatively high. Even if you are just that the kidneys are not very good, you should use less as possible, so as to avoid damage to the kidneys because of the purity of uric acid. What's more, some people have detected blood creatinine, and uric acid may also be affected, which is prone to complications, such as hyperuricemia.

For such considerations, people should also try to eat sanogenic food, avoiding cumbersome to the kidneys because sorghum intake.

The second avoidance is to avoid high "salt value" food

For the kidney proud of the high blood pressure of Lao Forest, the salt is a "cutlery" in addition to the second hurt of the kidney except. After excessive salting in the human body, it is more likely to have problems such as edema and blood pressure. Only stringent restrictions of salt intake, ensuring that low-salt diet (lower than 5 grams of salt in the day) or even a salt-free diet, which is more beneficial to protect the kidneys.

See here, do you understand? Although Lao Lin has a long-term vegetarian, it is not possible to do 2 taboos in his diet. Although I know how to have high blood pressure, Ignore the harm of sorghum food on the kidneys in the diet. In addition, the taste of eating has been relatively heavy, the salt intake is also relatively high; the eating habits of pure vegetarian can not provide him with high quality protein, so that the level of blood creatinine is always high.

Blood creatinine is an important indicator of judging kidney function. When the blood creatinine increases, people should pay attention to protect the kidneys. In addition to complying with medicines, they are treated, and the diet is a good method for ordinary people to adjust the health of the kidney. If you can remember the principle of "2 2 忌 忌" in your daily diet, it may be better to provide nutrients for the kidneys, and avoid the increase in the kidneys in the diet.

In general, it is not the increase in blood creatinine, it must be a long-term vegetarian, and the diet of nephropathy patients should follow the principle of "2 2 忌忌".