When dealing with male patient "privacy", is the female nurse?Deputy nurses may say the truth

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When dealing with male patient "privacy", is the female nurse?Deputy nurses may say the truth

2021-11-28 00:09:46 31 ℃

Now medical standards are constantly evolving trends, so it is also the maintenance of the safety of the residents, everyone's body usually looks relatively healthy, but after suffering from illness, not only the body will withstand the ravages of agony, the spirit will suffer important to crack down.

For today for social development, has physical and mental health of the body is considered the most important, if health problems occur, we should immediately go to hospital for treatment, repair the body's physical and mental health.

Go to the hospital for medical treatment on prevention not get along with the Doctor and assistant, all medical staff in hospitals is a general, cooperation among their patients with the treatment of disease.

In the nurses' station which has a crucial characters, whether male or female department department are all female nurses, so some people are more curious when addressing male patient privacy, female nurses feel embarrassed it? Why not listen to the resignation of female nurses is how to speak of.


Addressing privacy male patients and female nurses will be embarrassed it? Nurses tell the truth to resign

Important responsibility

If the trainee nurse first came to the hospital, then to see the private parts of men patient, it will certainly feel embarrassed, but for these many years of work experience in the old nursing care, had become accustomed to that sort of thing.

For many people, it is not easy to exhibit abnormal physically and emotionally, as this is not a strange thing. Responsibilities medical staff is saving lives, there is no gender distinction in the eyes of many people.

The main duties of medical personnel is to help patients alleviate the sufferings of the sick, under the direct influence of professional quality, but also no time to take into account the men and women accept not pro embarrassing problem.

Looking for a male nursing assistance

When it comes to nursing staff is likely to be most people think of female nurses, in fact, along with the improvement in our clinic, the hospital not only female nurses, and there are many male nursing, male nursing the emergence of good practice in order to better , but also because of pain remission at a certain level.

In the case of solving private office for male patients, female nurses usually look for male nursing help, and do not reduce their embarrassment, the main consideration is the full experience of male patients.

More attaches great importance to the patient's condition

Nurses mainly to help doctors work in carrying out health care to the patient, will prevent not have physical contact with the patient, as health care workers, they have the relevant professional skills and basically professional quality.

So female nurses in the work situation is not easy at all to think too much, they also pay attention to say that this innocuous compared thing, more stress is placed on the patient's condition, if you want this innocuous problem, then it too no technical professional.

Patients respond more

Hospital patients very much, no matter which department, is basically a sea of ​​people, some even during the aisle will always arrayed hospital beds. Since the patient very much, so that a nurse must care more than a dozen patients, work is very busy.

Nurses must work closely with a doctor to doctor told, we also need to implement a wide variety of nursing skills for female nurses, since the busy work has not even time to take into account such problems.

In the case of private office to address male patients, the nurse will not feel embarrassed because there are many patients waiting to alleviate their agony for them.


Read the article widening: Why is there a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology male doctors?

First, the medical staff must Gynecologists some effort, for example, if the amniotic fluid of pregnant women can not break their walk, and a gynecologist's office, the doctor must have a valid energy to cure the anchor surgical treatment, good effort must therefore be male doctor.

Followed by obstetricians is sometimes necessary to carry out bimanual examination, even the triple diagnosis inspection, especially suffering from endometriosis cervical, colorectal cancer symptoms, then a higher male doctor's hand, fingers longer, If the small hands of female doctor is difficult to broach the uterus.

Eventually, the doctor of obstetrics and gynecology physician must have a certain psychological endurance, for the purposes of male doctors, mental state endurance stronger.

In fact there is no medicine men and women, the eyes of the patient is in the doctor's patients, gender are they not worth mentioning. Patients are more likely to care about, but this is a special thing for the general purposes of the doctor.

These patients care about location, care of proper nouns, for the doctors, is that the human body parts and professional terms the actual meaning of human anatomy, is also hanging in the mouth all day long with colleagues to discuss the condition.