Too!Sichuan's college birthday received 1 billion "super gift package"

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Too!Sichuan's college birthday received 1 billion "super gift package"

2021-11-28 12:06:25 32 ℃

November 27 morning, Southwest Medical University 70th anniversary celebration was held in Luzhou campus. Party Secretary Peng Qinghua, Provincial Governor Huang Qiang on behalf of the provincial government, to extend my congratulations and greetings to the school staff and students and alumni. Luo Qiang, vice governor attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Provincial Deputy Secretary-General Liu Quansheng, party secretary of the Department of Education, director of Zou Jin, director of the provincial health committee He Yanzheng; Luzhou municipal government, Southwestern Medical related leaders attended the meeting.

Celebration Meeting, held in Luzhou support the development of high-quality pharmaceutical-cum-city school to build a regional health center signing ceremony Southwestern Medical. Luzhou Medical University Southwest will continue to give in the next decade one billion yuan subsidy to build a regional medical and health centers, high-quality support Southwestern Medical career development.

This is just a microcosm of the school Luzhou in hand with cooperation. Southwest Medical University, located in the state historical and cultural city of Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and joint - Luzhou. In the course of development in 70 years, the school has been working with Luzhou walk hand in hand, symbiotic.

University because the city can revitalize cities because university Sheng. For a long time, as the "landlord", as infrastructure construction southwest of Luzhou Medical University, teaching and research work, gathering and other personnel and key support; as universities, think tanks and Southwest Medical personnel are converging to local economic and social construction, into a strong driving force for economic and social development in Luzhou.

Help "nest"

Upgrade infrastructure, promote the rapid development of efficient school

"The new building delivered, more scientific and technological achievements into just around the corner!" August 24 afternoon, looked brand new, the atmosphere of the Science and Technology Building, Southwestern Medical Laboratory Animal Center research team members emotionally.

This is just one microcosm of the infrastructure of Luzhou municipal government help Southwest Medical University north campus.

As early as 2015, because the infrastructure is seriously lagging behind, two school campuses operating costs are too high, Southwest Medical facing the development bottlenecks, strengthen infrastructure construction hardware imminent.

How to solve the bottleneck? 2017, Luzhou municipal government innovation helping mode, signed the "Luzhou Medical taught park infrastructure project cooperation agreement" with Southwest Medical University, Southwest Medical infrastructure projects commissioned by the Luzhou Municipal People's Government investment in construction, project completion after acceptance of delivery use and management of the school, the school in a manner "divide-year repayment repo" to pay construction costs based on financial resources.

In recent years, the project to promote the fast and efficient, a large number of infrastructure where they stand, and quickly put into use. November 12, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province medicine school to build a regional health center support projects put into use delivery ceremony held at the North Campus of Southwest Medical University, the project is a research and teaching in one, a total area of ​​1,500 mu, building an area of ​​about 250,000 square meters, including science and technology building, laboratory building, teaching building, building public health, humanities building, student activity center, graduate student apartments, student apartments, cafeteria, gymnasium, school hospital, academic exchange center and ancillary greening, the main power supply and other 14 sub-items, with a total investment of 14 billion yuan. The project funding for fiscal discount and early part underwritten by the way Luzhou municipal government to support. Discount capital 530 million yuan paid by the Luzhou City, the school year 5000-8000 only pay installments million in construction costs, about 20 years to pay, pay less than some pre-schools coordinated by the Luzhou City funds paid in advance, and then the next school to raise funds return, Luzhou Loaning funds, excluding funds received interest to the school. After the project is put into use, will help to some extent Southwestern Medical resolve hardware support long-term development issues, has provided a guarantee for the school upgrade and enhance the quality of school education, help Southwestern Medical high level of construction in western medicine colleges and universities.

Help "bring phoenix"

Dedicated billion yuan to help the introduction of high-level personnel schools

Personnel support, is an important engine for the development of universities, Southwest Medical University is no exception.

For a long time, Luzhou municipal government adhering to the "symbiotic University and the City" concept, vigorously support the construction and development of the school. 2015, Luzhou City offers 100 million yuan of special funds for the development of the Southwest Medical personnel, funding for the introduction of high-level personnel (team) and development.

One high-level personnel Southwest Medical University professor, tutor doctoral and post-doctoral Xiaozhan Gang is to "attract talent team" approach, the work came from the Chinese Medical University, Southwest University of Hong Kong.

"Our team relies on the school's basic research platform - platform conversion southern Sichuan Institute of Translational Medicine, threw himself into the clinical application of cell technology to above at the same time, we and the industrial party Luzhou City, City anti-cancer centers, schools and so on. cooperation, organized more than science activities for students, community residents introduced the world's cutting-edge medical technology. "Xiaozhan Gang said.

2021, Luzhou municipal government again decided, invested 10 million yuan each year for five consecutive years, the school support the introduction of international top talent, leading talent level, provincial level panel of experts, as well as much-needed professional doctor shortage.

In scientific research help, Luzhou also continued generous funding Southwestern Medical. This year, the parties specifically, will continue to set up special funds for science and technology strategic cooperation, since 2021, for five consecutive years, support for 20 million yuan every year.

Behind consecutive invested heavily, is the Luzhou municipal government this 70-year veteran of the medical schools of attention. In recent years, Luzhou municipal government has invested 5 billion yuan of financial funds to support school infrastructure, introduction of talents, scientific research, environment, etc. to build, to create conditions for the lead only to talent recruitment, formation of school cooperation Luzhou mode. At the same time, Luzhou City "wine city talent New Deal," the introduction of talent can enjoy the Southwestern Medical. In attention to the care and support of the municipal government, Southwest Medical also introduced the high-level personnel as qualified personnel in schools a priority, multi-pronged lead only to talent recruitment.

The face of high-level personnel fierce "battle", located in southern Sichuan Southwest Medical explore a "Distinguished Professor academic dean +" flexible cited only road.

For example, in 2017, in the provincial referral health authorities, German well-known experts and professors employed full time Tuchman Affiliated Hospital of Southwest University, served as director of the German gynecologic oncology ward, comprehensive medical director of German breast disease. He put Germany ovarian cancer, breast cancer surgery brought Luzhou standard operating room, and even attracted a lot of patients Fujian, Shanghai and other provinces in the surrounding area a special trip to Luzhou treatment. After guiding gynecological and breast surgery carried out for two years, then Medical University Affiliated Hospital of Southwest approved the establishment of "Sichuan Province gynecological and breast disease treatment center", which also marks the Affiliated Hospital of Medical University in southwest gynecology, breast surgery expertise ranks the province's leading position.

Flexible cited only talent, like a trickle, to inject new vitality into the development of Luzhou. Since 2015, the school vigorously implement the academic dean, Professor other projects, innovative cited only carry out work, flexible introduction of various high-level personnel more than 100 people.

It is in such a good mechanism, during the "Thirteen Five", the introduction of full-time PhD Southwestern Medical personnel more than 300 people, 42 people from Pei Boshi; which country (territory) the introduction of 51 people, the introduction of 187 people outside the province recruit post-doctoral researchers, 33 were flexible appointed high-level personnel of 126 people.

Seek "win-win"

School to build regional cooperation to mention Medicine Health Center

School cooperation, the result is a win-win. Luzhou to help grow the school, the school is also another way back Luzhou. Approached Southwest Medical University, you can feel a heavy sense of mission. The mission, let Southwest Medical University is always concerned about the community, serve the people in the process of seeking long-term development of the school.

2019, the school and the China (Sichuan) free trade area experimental Southern Harbor Area Management Committee and Investment Co., Ltd. Luzhou City, Long Chi cooperation established in South Sichuan Academy of Medical transformation, the construction of Southern Medical Center transformed cell bank and preparation, has been authorized cell therapy-related invention patents, software copyrights four, more than 50 papers published in SCI.

In June, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Education officially announced the eleventh installment of National University Science Park finds result, Southwest Medical Science and Technology Park was identified as the National University Science Park. "This will help the school to cooperate further into the 'deep water', southwest of the city of Luzhou Medical University for medical and health industry, the development of innovation and entrepreneurship to provide more effective support." Zhang Chunxiang said.

Up to now, the park has over 207 business incubators park, gathering doctors, professors and other types of entrepreneurial talent more than 600 people involved in the multidisciplinary field of clinical medicine, pharmacy, integrative medicine and so on.

Kerui De is one of National University Science Park incubator businesses. "In recent years, with the school's research and development and human resources, we work with the school to build a city hall built Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, central nervous system drugs, to Luzhou modern innovation-driven pharmaceutical industry, providing support for healthy pension industry." Kerui De German soldiers responsible person has expressed.

With the support of Luzhou municipal government in 2015, Southwest Medical University business incubator to become "College Park Luzhou City, innovation and entrepreneurship." Not only that, the school also set up a double hit Leading Group, University Science Park to form a whole, the relevant functional departments and two faculties of university students collaborate double hit pattern.

While promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, Southwestern Medical also insisted on political research with a combination of active service Luzhou City, where the economy and society.

In recent years, relying on the advantages of teaching resources to schools, disciplines and technical personnel, and the service of economic and social development in Luzhou. 2014 to assume pension nursing training, standardization of oral mucosal disease diagnosis and treatment of Luzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, since 2017, the three-year bear Luzhou primary health service personnel capacity building project training program ...... In addition, the school is a positive development for the local sports contribution, ten years to serve sports events more than 80, Developing Sports Social Sports instructors, referees, sports reserve personnel, more than 1,800 people, open stadiums service nationwide fitness exercise up to 400 million passengers, carry forward the spirit of sport and promote sports consumption, expanding urban influence.

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, three affiliated hospitals Southwestern Medical go all out to build a strong line of defense Luzhou epidemic prevention and control, was established Southwest Medical University Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Luzhou City, a coalition medical teams to treat patients diagnosed achieve the medical staff of zero infections, zero-death patients. While guard Luzhou, Sichuan, schools and affiliated hospitals has sent 142 medical staff rushed Hubei, Beijing and Ethiopia and other front-line fight against SARS.

In order to promote the development and benign circulation of Luzhou medicine, let the grassroots people better enjoy high-quality medical resources, and Southwest Medical University rely on three sub-affiliated hospitals, facing the three districts of Luzhou, the construction of Medical Federation as a starting, with common diseases , Multi-pathogenesis, chronic disease grading diagnosis and treatment is a breakthrough, forming a grading diagnosis and treatment model of "grassroots first clinic, two-way referral, acute and slow-grade, up and down", for the discipline construction, new technology of member units, improved medical quality, service process Optimization, improvement of service capacity has played a positive role. At the same time, in order to help the construction of regional medical health center in Zhangzhou, Southwest Medical University accelerate the first phase of the Southwest Medical Science Center, the provincial regional medical center construction project, the project is the 40 million people in the area of ​​Sichuan, 40 million people, health escort .

This year, the two sides also hand in hand, seek more long-term "win-win" goals - build the Sichuan-Chongqing Regional Medicine Health Center, the plan for 5 years, basically built "five places," Sichuan-Chongqing Medicine High-level Talents gathered, Sichuan-Chongqing Pharmaceutical Science and Technology R & D and achievements transformed highland, Sichuan Medical Combined with high quality life, Sichuan-Chongqing Pharmaceutical International Exchange Base and Sichuan Zhi District Medical Center.

The two sides will establish a regular meeting commercial coordination mechanism to ensure high efficiency advancement of the major issues and key work of both parties; in accordance with the "Launch + Responsibility System" approach, the issuance of the respective matters is transformed into specific actions.

"Next, Southwest Medical University will give full play to talents, scientific research, medical resources advantages, focus on building regional medical health center goals, with the Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government around the co-construction matters, wall chart, to ensure the order, powerful, effective To promote Luzhou to improve urban quality and level. "Liao Bin, secretary of the Party Committee of Southwest Medical University.