Strong pay attention!Qingjin group CP kitchen should not read,

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Strong pay attention!Qingjin group CP kitchen should not read,

2021-11-28 18:07:13 37 ℃

After experimenting, only Hua Fa Lin made a blood from Monick, although she also wanted to join, but the experimental record was still updated at any time, and the cumbersome blood test and extraction project were waiting for her, think of these, She didn't think about it.

After all, it is important to experiment.

"How's it going?"

Dr. Monieck has been placed, wearing clothes, curious asking Hua Fa Lin.

"I have detected it, failure. Maybe the dose is also subject to the discussion, the cells die very quickly during the binding process, even the success, the role of antibodies is also very limited, is our direction wrong?"

Hua Fei Lin's tone is a rare lost, after all, she is prepared for a long time this day, and there is a normal thing.

"Is it not a cell activity? It seems that it is added."

Dr. touched her head and comforted.

"Hey, you are really optimistic as always."

Hua Fa Lin smashed his head, and then changed back to day.

"Doctor, I have to be!"

"Well! No !!"

The experiment continued to do regularly, Monicik was used to it. She made a clear doctor in her own, although she should feel disgusted and fear with universality, but ...


Monick gently biting a doctor's finger, this is only her secret number, whenever the nutrient can no longer meet himself, she will remind the other party, and the dose provided tomorrow needs to increase.

"Oh, it is really dissatisfied with kitten, which is a few days before ..."

Dr. smiled and touched her head.

That night, the experiment is as scheduled. Monicke has adapted to each other's rhythm, so she didn't contradict this, she intimately licking each other, and Hua Yindin took the blood sample from her.

She has also regretted that the thoughts of the mind in the mind are being irritated into the trash can. She doesn't need any strange ideas, and she bothering the life at this moment, she never sought a good person, there is no union, now.

When Hua Fei Lin analyzes the data input terminal detected by the blood, a strange number has attracted her attention.


That is the percentage of blood, the proportion of parameters, and there is no wonderful feeling in the past, suddenly haunting in her heart, as if all water to the stream!

At this point, she immediately launched the synthesized cell surgery synthesized.

Combined with cells to create antibodies not only need to be used with instruments, but also do not allow mistakes. Hua Fa Lin's gods actively manipulated the nano-mechanical needle, this step actually took her huge energy, but the operation was very smooth, in a moment of perfect transplant, she sat on the chair, constantly breathing.

"No, yet, end."

The last level is left, it is essential to antibody experiments, if pass, then explain .......

She is not coming to rest, and she will immediately play the spirit.

"What happened?"

Dr. said that the other party's exception, he has never seen the other party so excited, is it difficult to have any good things? However, Hua Fa Lin did not pay attention to her, she had focused on any sound.

Waiting for time, the doctor has never feels such anxiety to time, suppressing the possibility of not thinking countless failures, but also can't send this heavy time.

Until Hua Yulin stood up and looked at her expression gradually relaxed from the tang, followed by laughing, he knew that the miracle was born.

"Doctor, experiment, success !!!"

Hua Fi Lin excitedly widen the tears of the eye, and witnessed the perfect success of the experiment that he was responsible. It was not more happy than this.

"Really! How much is the inhibition rate of antibody!"

"Eighty! 80%! This is enough to reduce the point you can bear! Doctor!"

Hua Fa Lin is excited to dance. This means that the side effects of Alpha-C active blockers have been greatly weakened, and patients can inhibit the spread of source stone disease in the first time!

"Well, do it."

Dr. was happy from the heart, which was a stepmaking for this achievement, which was more stepped away from him, but now, this must be doing that.

"Oh? Doctor, don't you celebrate? Where are you going?"