Allergic rhinitis, spleen deficiency!One party, strengthen the spleen nose, the morn sneezing, please laugh

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Allergic rhinitis, spleen deficiency!One party, strengthen the spleen nose, the morn sneezing, please laugh

2021-11-29 00:06:56 33 ℃

(This article is for learning, reference, can not replace the doctor's advice and prescription. The compatibility, prescriptions described in the article must be drawn from the Chinese medicine practitioners, and do not blindly try.)

According to the theory of this article: "Traditional Chinese Medicine Tibet", "Fundamental Theory", "Chinese Medicine", "TCM Diagnosis"

Hello, I am a Chinese medicine, Wen Junran.

Today, this text, I tell you something allergic rhinitis.

In fact, this is an old topic. On my background, there are friends in almost every day, say yourself, when you are cool in the autumn and winter, it is easy to make allergic rhinitis. Especially when getting up in the morning, I feel that the temperature is low, so I can't help but sneeze, runny nose.

This situation, clinically common, traditional Chinese medicine treatment is also a lot.

Now, I will give you a typical test. I hope that you will be inspired from it.

In other words, there is such a woman, the age of 22, and the doctor records Chen.

She has allergic rhinitis, and the medical history is two years. Every year, you have to attack six or seven times. Once the disease is sneezed, it will be sneezed, and the nose, nose, and nose.

Her seizures and is closely related to temperature changes. It's cold, love is sick. Especially when you get up in the morning, she is easily sneezing and runny. In the usual, it is easy to catch a cold.

This person has used a lot of medicine, including Ximin, PHU sensitive, can be loose. The effect is not good. Later, this person decided to investigate Chinese medicine.

Injury, see the patient pulse is weak, the moss is thin, the tongue is too late. I would like to know that the patient is stagnant, the body always feels uncomfortable, fatigue, does not like to say too much, said more, it is tired, the appetite is poor, the face is not good.

Of course, people have rhinitis, and we must look at the nose. The inspection found that the double nose is pale, the secretion of water samples in the nasal cavity.

After understanding these situations, the doctor gave a piece of square. But see -

25 grams of raw scutes, 15 grams of party, Xinyihua, Atractylodes 10 grams, tangerine peel, windproof, glycycetic, 8 grams of retreat, 3 grams of Square, Bupleurum, Shuijianbi, one dose, 2 times Wheated clothes.

How is the result? After the patient took 3 doses, the nose, runny nose, sneezing phenomenon almost disappeared, and it was not uncomfortable when they got up. Later, the doctor said, after using the relevant medicine, insist on taking 1 month, then stopped.

Two years were followed up, the patient's condition had not been recurred.

This is a "New Traditional Chinese Medicine" in 1992, the medical case.

In fact, the Wen teacher still wrote a lot of medical cases. If you pay attention to it, you should be familiar with it.

Now, Wen teacher is not afraid of trouble, give a friend who still knows halfway, detailed explanation.

You see, this person, it will not work when the temperature is low, sneezing, runny nose, nose nose nose.

What does this explain? Is it a weak body?

Please note that this body is weak, it is our own intuitive feelings. The professional terms of Chinese medicine are "safe gas."

What is it? Our body surface has a layer of gas. Weiqi, as the name suggests, is responsible for defending our muscles, warm our skin, let us tolerate a fine substance of cold evil.

If this layer is insufficient, it can't play the role of protection to consolidate the surface of the skin. People will appear under low temperature stimulation, there is a runny nose, sneezing and other rhinitis symptoms.

You may ask, when the gas is not solid, do you have to have a nose reaction? Because the human body surface is the lungs. Therefore, when the gas is not strong, the evil gas is injured in the fur, affecting the premium of the lungs. The pulmonary implementation, as the nose of the lung, will definitely react. The lungs can be losed, and now the release of Jinluid is abundant, turning into a sputum, so it is turned into nose, from the nose.

Here, there is a key issue, this is, so-called Weiqi, where is it.

Tell you, stem from the spleen and stomach. Spleen and stomach is the source of blood biochemical. This person, the gas is so weak, and it is obvious that the spleen and stomach is not good. In other words, she has eight nine will spleen.

In fact, is it so?

You see, this person doesn't like to eat, it is a very typical temper performance. The temper is deficiency, and the blood cannot be competed, so the patient is weak. The tongue is stasified, so the tongue is dim.

It can be seen that this patient's temper is really too bad. As a result, Wei gas is unable to biochemically, which causes repeated episodes of allergic inflammation, and it will not be healed.

This is a method of explaining allergic rhinitis with the perspective of Chinese medicine. I am very thick and talking about it.

Now, let's see how the doctor used medicine to improve the situation -

25 grams of raw scorpion, 15 grams of party, Xinyihua, Atractylodes, 10 grams of tangerine, windproof, glycycetic, 8 grams of retreat, Sheng Ma, Bupleurum each.

Here, Astragalus, Codonopsis, and Atractylodes are used in Jianpi Yiqi. The tangerine, the gas and the stomach, which makes it unlike. The mother of blood is the mother of gas, and the qi must be touched. So, use when returning to raise blood. The wind is awesome, can be extroverted, so that patients will no longer be disturbed by foreign evil. Xinyihua, can improve the nasal congestion through the nose.

Sheng Mahe Buhuhu can improve the gas and put the messenger. Loak it, drag it to the lungs. Why do you want to give a lung? Because the temperament is derived from the spleen and stomach, its release is based on the lungs.

In short, when this person's spleen and stomach is strengthened, the production of Weiqi has been guaranteed, and the patient's allergic rhinitis can naturally alleviate. This compatibility is actually the addition and subtraction of the tonal soup.

So, if you don't need to make up the qi soup, use other people who have the spleen and Yiqi to cure, don't you do it? I think it is. For example, the four gels soup, Yuping Waisuction, etc., have not tasted. It is one of them. Everyone is reflected, it is the same treatment idea.

The key is that we must understand that allergic rhinitis and insufficient spleen are insufficient. Mastering this rule is a great advantage for our ordinary people.

Of course, the text teacher said so much, but only one experience is one of the ideas. Not necessarily suitable for everyone. Therefore, the prescription, non-professional readers in the medical case, is best to learn from the dialectical guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners. Medicine must be used. No temper is definitely deficiency, don't use it, so as not to have an external branch.

Ok, about this, I said so much. Teacher Wen thank you for reading.