What is the performance of menstruation? Can you do tubal baby treatment?

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What is the performance of menstruation? Can you do tubal baby treatment?

2021-11-29 12:05:58 31 ℃

We understand what is normal before we know that there is a menstruation, what is normal menstruation. The beginning of menstrual bleeding is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. The interval between the two menstrual 1 days is called a menstrual cycle, usually 21-35 days, with an average of 28 days (that is, 4 weeks). Each menstrual duration, that is, the time with bleeding is called menstruation, usually 2-8 days is normal. The amount of total lost blood loss was once a menstruation, and the normal menstrual amount was 20-60ml, more than 80ml was more menstruation.

How to determine: 1 moon in the sanitary napkin is 1ml, and a daily sanitary napkin is more than 20ml. There is also a calculation formula, but I think everyone can be simply estimated.

Normal menstrual period has periodic and self-limiting. The interval between the next day, the interval of day is called a menstrual cycle, typically 21 ~ 35, on average 28th. Each menstrual duration is called menstruation, generally 2 to 8 days, with an average of 4 to 6 days.

The total amount of loss of menstruation is once, and the normal menstrual amount is more than 80ml. Simply, you need to use the menstrual menstruation in sanitary napkins, the quantity will not be too small, come once, a aunt is full of blushing, pale, one-package, sanitary napkins, that is too much.

Shenzhen Zhongshan reproductive test tube assisted fertility: Generally, the menstruation we said is that any 1 or more of the normal menstrual cycle is not adjusted from the normal menstrual cycle. Menstrual non-conditioning patients can conduct relevant consultations under the premise of long-term menstrual disorders, see how the gynecologist diagnose, if it is some lesions, can be intervene early, adjust the menstruation, can be tested Infant treatment.

What is the performance of menstruation?

Closed. That is, my aunt is not coming. Divided into primary closing and secondary closure. The former refers to the future menstruation. The latter refers to the normal menstrual period, or the three cycles are stopped by the original menstrual cycle.

2. More than a month. It is a monthly medium with more than 80ml. Long-term moon will lead to anemia, even affect the heart function, so this situation must be treated.

3. There are few months old. One month is less than 5ml. Many people are worried that the moon is too small, "the toxins in the body can't come out." In fact, if you can ovulate normally, the endometrium thickness is also normal, then the menstrual amount is less, and there is no too much relationship.

4. Extension of menstrual cycle. There are two cases of cycle prolonged period: one is extended in the menstrual period, and there is a small amount of blood secretion before menstruation, and then the menstrual period is normal. These may be related to progesterone, but also need to consult a doctor.