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Healthy new knowledge | About O'K, what do we know?

2021-11-29 18:06:05 23 ℃

[About O'Kek's poison, we all know what? 】

What are the information we have mastered in South African suspected fast propagation B.1.1.529? What are our information we have?

Let's talk about the most important conclusion. At present, the substantive conclusion of the variability is not yet, because the time to find this variant is less than a month (Botswana) found the first strain). Therefore, if it occurs if vaccine immunization is more symptoms than other strains, it is not contained in the laboratory to test this information.

In this case, the strain will also cause global strong attention, mainly because of the mutation in the B.1.1.529 virus sequence: only 30 mutations were found only in the S protein area of ​​the new crown virus. We know that s proteins are new crowns to invade human cells and causing the key to infection, and many mutations found in the strain S protein region have found them in Delta and Alpha strains, and have been confirmed High infectivity and immune escape with these strains have direct correlation. South Africa ushered in a big rebound in this month, only nearly 20,000 infected people were added on November 23. According to the current test results, the strain may have been raging in South Africa.

While B.1.1.529 Variant strain has no substantial experimental data on the vaccine, B.1.1.529 based on the current mutant spectrum in the previous strain. There are additional mutations, which may further lead to an increase in immune escape. The research team predicts the algorithm model through its sequence, which may have the ability to avoid T cells (human immunity is not only antibodies, but also T cell assistance).

Therefore, we can do only have to maintain close observation and strictly control overseas input.

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[New variant strains have multiple mutations, can cause nucleic acid detection? 】

Recently, new varieties of epidemic strains were discovered in South Africa. At present, the strain has a stronger contagious and immune evasive function than previous strains. So, can previous nucleic acid detection deperse the variation of poisonous strains?

It is true that due to the shortness of the discovery, the dynamic characteristics of the new drug strain, the ability to break through the immunity, the hypermaster, the re-infection rate, and the mortality, etc., it is also necessary to observe it to be more clear. However, for nucleic acid detection, the answer should be affirmative, which is to start from the principle of nucleic acid detection.

The principle of nucleic acid detection means that two conservative sequences are detected as the target area by collecting a swab. Conservative sequences are generally considered to be substantially unchanged in evolution, variation, mutation, etc., which is of great significance for determining the pathogen.

The strain of this mutation exhibits a plurality of mutations in the entire viral genome, and more than 30 mutations are located in the coding region where the pathogen enters the host cell, and the virus still has a conservative sequence. Therefore, for the determination of the pathogen species, nucleic acid detection is still effective. Other modifications may also be needed after detecting pathogens, but the type of pathogen can still be determined, and the detection method is still trusted.

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[Virus mutation? Is the vaccine useful? 】

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[Manzhouli epidemic burst, where is the source? 】

On November 27, Hulunbeier, Manchuria, Inner Mongolia added 3 positive infected people (2 diagnosed + 1 no symptoms), followed by 17 confirmed + 1 no symptoms on November 28, accumulated 19 confirmed + Two asymptomatic infected people (one of which as symptoms have been revised as diagnosed cases). This epidemic occurs suddenly, where is the source? How big will it cause the impact?

Where is the source of the epidemic?

The biggest possibility is derived from overseas input. Although Inner Mongolia has experienced two dials (Erling Hoi), but they have declared the end and did not affect Manzhouli. Recently, Beijing, Shanghai's epidemics did not have an impact. In addition, Manzhouli is located in the middle and Russia, which is an important trade port, so this is still the possibility of overseas input. More importantly, the initial case is found in the routine screening of the key population, which is also prompted to be related to port trade.

The epidemic may have been fermented for a while. Although this 19 + 2 infected people were discovered two days, the trajectory of the invisible infected person reported from the Nahe City, Mandaria's epidemic may have already occurred. On the 28th, Qiqihar jurisded an exampleless infected infection in Nehe City, I took the K7090, I took the K7090 from Manzhoulia, which means that his infection time should be 23 days. If the infection location is in Manzhouli, That means that the local epidemic has at least nearly a week, and the number of infected people sieved from the local screening has been confirmed from the side. Is the scale of this epidemic will be big?

It should not be too large from the number of existing cases, but there is a further increase. Although the infected person found in a key population, if the epidemic is like a time, the number of infected people may also increase. At the same time, the epidemic also has a risk of further out of overflow. On the one hand, an example of unscrupulous infection has occurred in Qiqihar City, and there is no infected person. On the other hand, Manzhouli region has frequent economic and trade, and there are many commercial exchanges, which must have a certain impact on other regions.

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[Children vaccination new crown vaccine? 】

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