When the treatment of hyperthyroidism, if there is a reduction, what clinical manifestations?

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When the treatment of hyperthyroidism, if there is a reduction, what clinical manifestations?

2021-11-29 18:06:24 25 ℃

Hyperthyroidism and diprobes are two different thyroid diseases. Many patients have turned into a deficiency. When hyperthyroidism, the use of anti-thyroid or use of thyroid resection surgery, or with radioactive iodine is used.

Different, some of the halves are temporary. After a period of time, the thyroid function can return to normal; or after the system treatment, the thyroid function is normal. Some functional degradation is permanent, this situation requires long-term use of thyroid hormone replacement, supplemental treatment.

Regardless of the thyroid function, it is temporary, or is forever, the clinical manifestation of the happens is the same. The cause of symptoms is mainly the reduction in hormone produced by thyroid, so that the function of the patient's body is low and metabolism.

After the addition of the armor, the condition is light:

Just feel tired, easy to fatigue, tighten, swell, want to sleep, no convenience;

When the condition is heavier, the common clinical manifestations are:

1, afraid of cold, fatigue, weakness, slow response, slow motion, low voice, dumb, face and edema, weight gain, sweating, dry skin, rough skin.

2, many patients have loss of appetite, the number of stools is reduced, and even stubborn constipation.

3. Patients can also have anemia, impotence, menstruation, and other symptoms.

4. Some patients will feel palpitation, shortness of breath, slow rate, and blood pressure may rise in slowness.

Typical diarrhea occurs when T4 is reduced, and TSH has increased earlier.

The thyroid dysfunction is light, and there will be the clinical manifestations mentioned earlier, and even T4 levels are also in the normal range, only the content of TSH detection is high.

Hyperthyroidism is converted to the armor, is it improved or severe?

Hyperthyroidism changes to the armor, can't be said to be serious, because hyperthyroidism and dipism are harmful to thyroid diseases, and it is more difficult to improve. Whether it is hyperthyroidism, the harm is very large, so when you find a disease, you must go to a regular hospital, it is best to find an experienced doctor to standardize treatment.

In addition, reasonable arrangement of diet helps to relieve illness to restore health. We all know that doctors who have a hyperthyroidism make less iodine food, then how to adjust the diet?

First, still eat less iodine

Whether it is hyperthyroidism, it is because the thyroid function has problems, so even if iodine is iodine, it is not possible to eat iodine food, otherwise the burden of thyroid tissue will increase. So, the patient can usually eat the iodine, iodine foods needed by iodine salts, can be eaten in a small amount.

Second, eat less high fat food

The metabolism of the armor is much slower than ordinary people. The time is long, and the liver metabolic function is reduced, so it will meet with the patient with the patient and express vascular disease or hyperlipidemia. Therefore, the patient should pay attention to the high fat, high Cholesterol food.

Third, eat more blood food

The lack of thyroid hormone in the body will affect the synthesis of red blood cells, thereby decreasing the bone marrow hematopoietic function, plus the amount of menstrual amount of women with a large amount of menstrual period, which will cause a aplastic symptom in patients. Therefore, women with a patient usually eat more bloody foods, such as red dates, 枸杞, etc.