The temperature of the temperature is rampant, "sugar friends" have three defenses in winter, must pay attention to

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The temperature of the temperature is rampant, "sugar friends" have three defenses in winter, must pay attention to

2021-11-29 18:05:53 50 ℃

Winter temperature drops, many people will take high fat, high-calorie food to keep warm. As a result, this can cause blood sugar to increase, and the condition of diabetic patients often fluctuate.

So, what is the reason for the winter to become a "autumn" in diabetic patients? What are the attention to the "sugar friends" in winter?

Winter climate is cold, stimulated by cold, blood vessels, reduced blood flow, resulting in blood circulation disorders, easy to cause damage to blood vessels and microvascular damage, induce cardiovascular complications.

Therefore, patients with a lighter condition need to measure blood sugar every half a month, heavier every 3 to 5 days to measure once, very serious patients need every day. This will keep the blood sugar status and adjust the treatment plan at any time.


The highest blood glucose level in winter.

First, because the temperature in winter is lowered, the human sympathetic nerve is stimulated, causing the immune function to decrease, the resistance is reduced, and the secretion of adrenal adrenaline is increased, the liver sugar output is increased, and the muscle is reduced to glucose, which ultimately leads to increased blood sugar.

Second, after the weather is getting cold, the amount of people will increase, and the heat intake will also increase, it is easy to cause blood sugar rise. This should be used in particular to monitor blood glucose after meal, usually only concerned with patients with fasting blood sugar.

Select more moisture and some of the fruits and vegetables, clearing the heat and ventilation, nourishing kidney lungs, such as bitter gourd, cucumber, lettuce, bamboo shoots, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. Try to use steamed, cook, clean, etc.

Third, because the weather is cold, people participate in the activities, and the energy consumption will increase the blood sugar.

2. Anti-cold

Winter temperatures decline, sugar friends, especially elderly patients should pay attention to keep warm, prevent cold infection and lung infection.

Because the colds of diabetic patients are difficult, sometimes there will be life hazard. If you accidentally have a cold, you must pay attention to monitoring blood sugar, and the other is to carefully choose a cold medicine.

Immunological this is more likely to occur in diabetic patients, such as respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, gynecological infections, etc., which will cause blood sugar rise, but will also increase infection. So pay attention to keep warm, pay attention to personal hygiene and protection, avoid cross-infection.

3. Anti-diabetic foot

Winter weather is cold, the climate is dry, and it is the season of high diabetes.

Winter skin is easy to dry and peel, which is damaged. This is a taboo of diabetes patients. If it is not properly nursing, minor wounds will develop into diabetes. To actively protect your feet, use warm water with warm water every day, do not use irritating soap, water temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, use emulsion or nutrient cream to prevent dry skin, cracked.

Frequently check whether the foot has skin cracking, scratch or blisters, redness, mosquito bite, etc., once found foot ulcer infection, immediately seek medical attention.

Although the weather is cold, the appropriate exercise of diabetic patients is essential, can help patients control weight and promote metabolism.

In particular, persistence of the medium intensity aerobic movement is good for blood sugar and blood lipids. Through heart rate monitoring, it is possible to judge whether it is medium intensity aerobic exercise. Generally, the heart rate during strong movement is 120 150 times / minute, if the heart rate exceeds 150 times / minute, then become an oxygen-free exercise, Diabetes is not done.