Why do many elderly people are not willing to go to the governing?

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Why do many elderly people are not willing to go to the governing?

2021-11-29 18:05:40 39 ℃

My parents have been eight years old, and the pensions of the old couple have been close to 20,000 yuan. This income can be said that many office workers can not reach, but their old couple is especially frugal.

Every year, when I got a birthday or holiday, I proposed to go to the hotel "a meal", and I would like to do a time to do it at home, and I have promised it on my old mouth, but wait until As a day, Dad will definitely go to the market to buy a lot of things back, and they always have reason to refuse you. Their reasons have these few points:

1. Outside the meals don't have a clean: in their impression of meals, because they can't see the production process, cleanseness is definitely not as good as their own home, this is the first reason for them.

2. Outside the meals don't have a home: I have done a takeaway spent 28 yuan, which is a fish-flavored pork and a little vegetables. This is made by my mother. The meat is made, so she is It has been cost, and it is considered that this fast food has been used in the home of 8 yuan, and it is not much more than the outside.

3. The outside food is not as delicious at home: people will have a decline in the taste after the age of age, and I have to avoid the delicious food. For example, my parents like to eat salty dishes, spicy, hemp, The food that is heavy, does not like to eat, this is the reason they don't want to go outside.

Before my parents live in the community, they basically have a unit of my father. Therefore, everyone's income is similar, the restaurant in front of the community has changed a few people, but it has not yet been colored, and the boss of many dry catering is selected. At the time of the site, I will pay attention to whether it is old community. If it is a small resident of the elderly, it means that the hotel business will certainly not go.

Why do many elderly people are not willing to go to the governing?

First, the problem of consumption

The old people over 60 years old are from difficult times. They have experienced more difficult years, so diligent and savings have been engraved into their bones, and their consumption is worth the value, not to consider .

Many elderly people are not low in income, but they are also diligent, because the money that can not spend in their eyes is absolutely not spend, this is the reason for the elderly who don't want to go to the land.

Second, the environmental problem of the hotel

There is a noisy place in the hotel. It is not happy, so the old man is not happy, so the old man is still happy, so I will always feel that there is a lot of people. I don't want one of the reasons for the land.

Third, the taste of rice restaurant

After the old man is old, the general food is not large, and the food does not like heavy taste and greasy food, the food in the hotel basically uses over-oil and hooked cooking methods, and the food in the hotel is seasoning. The lower weight is also heavy, like fresh sugar and flavors, and some composite seasonings are very much, these people who are accustomed to light food are not taste, especially some old people with elderly chronic diseases, for this It is difficult to entrance.

Fourth, the reason for the peer

The elderly eat in their own home, and can take the appropriate rest according to their own arrangements, but go to the governing to come to the road, I can only sit and wait for someone else to act, some of the old people living in many regularities Not good adaptation.

Like my father, I have to have lunch every 12 o'clock every day, then I will sleep in the afternoon, I will definitely turn off the lights before 9 o'clock. If you go outside, you will not be good at this time, so you will feel tired and not adaptable. .

Our family family gathers me to do any food:


People will pay attention to regular life and diet, and the food will also reduce a lot, and like the quiet environment, go out of the governers will disrupt the work of the old people and eating habits, so many elderly people are good, but I don't want to go outside the governing.