Take a meal, is it meat?Misunderstanding

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Take a meal, is it meat?Misunderstanding

2021-11-29 18:05:41 29 ℃

I was eating, suddenly biting the gang, even biting blood. Is it because of meat? Do not

According to Zhao Qiang, chief physician, director of the Department of Aviation General Hospital, and eats something to bite the gang and meat.

When eating, the teeth are going to exercise, sometimes it is too urgent, or when you eat, you will not concentrate, you will even bite the gang next to the teeth, which belongs to normal conditions.

But if you often bite, you must be vigilant, it may be related to some health issues.

1 If the teeth, especially after the back teeth, the dental defect is large, there is a sharp teeth, the championship, the residual root, etc., may have a case where the mucosa is often biting or scratching in the wound.

2 individual teeth have the case where the "ground bits" or the back teeth are mishaped. If the teeth are too sharp, they will bite the mucosa of the gang.

3 If there is too much dental lack, it is too small to wear a non-performing repair body or a denture, and there may be a disturbance, and it is easy to have a phenomenon.

4 Form of chewing the gangs and common chewing gangs are asymmetrical, while the big side is small, people will easily bite the meat on the gang.

5 If the elderly often have a bite to bite the gang or bite tongue, it is possible to be a precursor to cerebral infarction, especially with high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and diabetes.

1 Don't worry too much, the wound will slowly hea, as long as you eat, don't bite it repeatedly to the swelling site.

2 If it is caused by unevenness, it should go to the hospital orthodontics to check the treatment, and the teeth are tied, thus avoiding frequent bite.

3 If chewing habits are caused, the habits of long-term side chewing are changed, learn to use both back tooth simultaneously or alternately.