Chinese medicine treatment of these misunderstandings of malignant tumors to help you walk less

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Chinese medicine treatment of these misunderstandings of malignant tumors to help you walk less

2021-11-30 00:05:02 22 ℃

1. TCM biological health treatment is only conditioned. It is impossible to truly treat tumors. In the early days, there is no need for Chinese medicine. It is not good to use Chinese medicine in the early days. However, the facts happened, but the Chinese medicine creatures can play a positive role in the whole process of tumor prevention and treatment.

2, unrealistic blindly pursue high-efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, want to replace tumors, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. It does not hesitate to recommend the treatment of surgery as soon as possible, while the surgery, etc.

3, blind application with poison attack therapy, for example, while using a large amount of chemotherapy, there is a large amount of toxic to kill the cancer drug Chinese medicine (whole, 蜈蚣, skin, life Nanxing, semi-summer, etc.), resulting in waste of medical resources, It is also possible to cause medical damage.

4, in the process of poisoning therapy, I hope to die for all, completely eradicate cancer poison, some physicians and patients have seen poisoned toxic therapy, and hope to win the chase, completely eliminate cancer, and the results are often reversed. Therefore, the principle of poisoned toxivotherapy must be appropriate, adhere to "Decoction", and guards the human body, but it is possible to suppress or eliminate a small amount of cancer in the body.

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