The health treasure "commuter" logo suddenly didn't do it?Three hot questions

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The health treasure "commuter" logo suddenly didn't do it?Three hot questions

2021-11-30 00:04:36 35 ℃

In order to facilitate the need for commuter needs of people from the Beijing, according to the current (return) Beijing policy, Beijing Health Bao is on the "commuter" identification function. After the function is online, it brings convenience to the commuter personnel of the Central Beijing area. Recently, Beijing Health Bao Message Board received some of the issues arising from the use of "commuter" identification, and the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Economic and Information Bureau.

1. Why didn't the health treasure "commuter" small red chapter? How to solve?

It is recommended to verify that the nucleic acid detection negative prove is within 14 days of the "report date". According to the current epidemic prevention policy, it is necessary to ensure a nucleic acid test every 14 days. If the "commuting" logo disappears, it is possible that nucleic acid detection negative proof has exceeded the validity period, and simply select the authoritative nucleic acid testing mechanism to detect, Beijing Health Bao will pass green codes and "commuter" identification according to the latest nucleic acid negative results. What needs to be reminded is that the implementation of the relevant policy is approaching 14 days from the 17th, please pay attention to the validity period of the nucleic acid detection negative certificate, and do a good job in testing, ensuring the smoothness of commuting.

In another case, the data collection of commuter personnel also uses large data to use the comprehensive discrimination, according to your progress (return) Beijing time, frequency and other data, "commuter" identification automatic invalid. Or 1 case in 14 days (including 1 case) native new crown virus infection, all counties (cities, districts, flags) and the county (city, district, flag) of the land border port, will also disappear.

2. If the user does not apply for a certification "Central Beijing commuter person", only the recent work needs to be larger in Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei, but the health treasure personal health status page has added "commuting" logo, whether it will travel to yourself What is affected?

If you encounter this situation, please feel free to pay attention to the automatic collection of Beijing University data. Holding the "commuter" logo to increase the convenience to everyone, there is no other impact on your life, work and implementation of epidemic prevention obligations.

3. There are also some citizens to leave a message, the current epidemic prevention policy requires importance (return) Beijing's 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof and Beijing "health treasure" green code, but "Huanjing area commuter person" only needs to provide 14 days Will such policies cause a "vulnerability" in such policies caused by nucleic acid detection?

Building a commuter database and Beijing Health Bao in the Beijing Health Bao, which is the premise of ensuring safety, facilitating the people's access to the people. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei established a new coronary pneumonia epidemic association and control work mechanism, which will be dynamically adjusted in time according to the situation of the epidemic situation, so that your security is guaranteed.

Text / text map / Sun Liping Lu Jing Yunfeng

Source / Beijing Daily Client

Editor / Wu Yulin Li Shijun

Submission email: [email protected]

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