What is the implant?Is it worth such expensive?

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What is the implant?Is it worth such expensive?

2021-11-30 00:05:13 26 ℃

Life is growing, many people may feel very troublesome.

Not only should surgery, the cycle is still very long, not as fast as the active denture.

But many people are ignored that the use cycle of planting teeth may be several times better than the activity denture.

So how is the implant tooth? Is it true like a name? "Species" a teeth in my mouth?

Preoperative preparation

First, doctors will formulate detailed planting programs according to the patient's oral condition.

In order to ensure the accuracy of surgery, these oral data of the patient will generally collect these oral data in advance: the teeth CT data, the tooth skeletal skeletal three-dimensional model, the location of the dental nerve, etc.

If the patient's teeth have not been completely dropped, they need to be removed after 2-3 months after removal.

If it is deleted due to periodontitis, it is necessary to perform periodontal health maintenance before fixing the missing teeth.

Our periodontal organization is like the foundation below the house. If you want to make a house above, the following foundations should be stable, so if there is periodontitis, the periodic treatment of periodontitis is very important, only this can guarantee a stable toral bed Support new implants.


The doctor first selection of suitable length of implants and corresponding series of drills according to the bone of the tooth sultrium, thereby developing the planting nest.

The root of the root implant is placed into the blem nest of the dental teeth, and it needs to be continuously healed, and the root implant is firmly fixed in the jaw.

This healing process generally takes 6 to 12 weeks, so long, it is also to make the teeth more adapt to this process to prevent some rejection.

Install the base, wear tooth crown

After the implant is closely healing with the diachelus bone, the base can be installed, attached to the column, facilitating and more securely secure new teeth.

In order to manufacture new teeth, the dentist will print the teeth, and make a bite model, mainly to obtain the type and arrangement of its teeth, and the new tooth is based on this model. The dentist will then connect the crown as a replacement tooth.

The doctor sometimes places a support on some implants, rather than one or more separate delegates, which can maintain and support removable dentures.

In addition, the doctor will continue to adjust the new teeth according to the color of the patient's teeth, so that it is similar to that of the original tooth appearance.

Postoperative consideration

1. Before planting teeth, pay attention to keep your mouth hygiene, use no alcohol-free mouth water with a mesenchymal.

2. Also regularly, each year / one year review is appropriate.

3. Avoid smoking, do not eat hard food, so as not to damage the crown and restoration.

Although it is expensive, it has evolved in a long-term scientific research and clinical trial, so it has a good biocompatibility, which has a good biocompatibility, very small with the human body. It can be closely bonded with the diachelus bone and is firm and durable.