Mom, I am not a matter, I am ill ...

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Mom, I am not a matter, I am ill ...

2021-11-30 00:04:46 22 ℃

How much do you know about adolescent depression?

"Depression is sad and sad, the child is more likely to be emptive, don't you sick?"

"Parents help children build powerful willpower, so there will be no depression."

"Our children are sunny and healthy, will not depose."


Real cases may be far beyond your imagination.

This year, the "Chinese Children's Adolescent Psychogenesis" has been released, and the academic academic academic disorder of children in children is 17.5%, of which severe depression is 2.0%.

The "China National Mental Health Development Report (2019-2020)" released in March this year, in 2020, my country's adolescent depression detection rate is 24.6%.

This means that in almost every 4 young people, there will be depressed symptoms.

Teenagers have been included in depression to prevent key populations, depression is already common, no longer "small", just not being perceived by us.

Due to the particularity of the teenage group, the child is often mistaken to be "still small, not in understanding", "felt that this time is good.

Many times, until things really happen, we will realize that depression is just then the child is so close.

A short film of adolescent depression is highly concerned about everyone.

The short film interviewed a high school girl who was suffering from depression, she faced the lens and said that the sick passes and feelings.

When the interviewer asked: How did you suffer from depression?

The expression of the purezie is a bit confused, and I can't say the specific node. I only think that I am a lot of learning stress and interpersonal relationship. The atmosphere in the family is not very good. I have a lot of problems, so the mood is not good.

But later her mood is getting longer and longer, caught more and more difficult to disclose, sometimes because a small thing is low for 1 or 2 weeks, will lose a lot of temper because of a pen.

Then she has symptoms of indigestion, dizziness, and other body.

"It is no longer saying that life is good, but the mood is not good is all life."

As the condition is getting more and more serious, the foundation has a serious insomnia, and it is confused every day at 4:30 in the morning. I have to get up and go to school at 6 o'clock. I am very poor in the school. I will sleep in the table. daze.

In the lack of long-term sleep, in the state of the emotional suppression, the symptoms of spiritual scattering, seriously declined, walking on the road, easy to wrestle,, 马 还 来 及 躲 躲, do not want to do it.

"At that time, there would be some strange ideas in your mind, and later think about these ideas, such as death."

Sprin finally started to help the outside world, was diagnosed as depression, decided to take a step under the doctor's recommendation and hurting at home for a period of time.

Sprin said that she as depression patients, deeply found that everyone's understanding and scientific knowledge of this disease is not enough.

"More mental illness is an invisible contest. In this hard process, patients, doctors, loved ones, colleagues, friends, may have a pivotal impact, I hope everyone can give this group more attention, at the same time A little question, more accompanying ... "

The child's body, adults often discover and take them to the hospital for treatment, and psychological problems are hard to find.

Even if you find problems, many parents cause delays due to lack of time, insufficient understanding, etc., I think that time will spread everything, but the problem is more intensified until it develops into a pathological state.

Adolescent depression is not a simple psychological issue, can be good, do not need to go to the hospital. In fact, depression is a disease that requires a combination of drug treatment, physical therapy, psychotherapy or three. It can regard it as a spiritual "cold" and can be cured. By reasonable treatment and intervention, most patients can achieve satisfactory results.

How do I judge whether the child suffers from depression?

Depression does not have a so-called "appearance", many children who love laugh, they may have experienced huge pain and suffering, which requires parents to pay attention to their children in their lives.

When the following conditions, the symptoms last for two weeks, normal life, learning, and social development have been significantly affected, it is recommended to go to the mental psychological specialist hospital or the spiritual psychology department of the General Hospital to take treatment ▼

1. I am always happy for a while. This kind of sadness is not only manifested in the expression, and it may also be in action and gestures.

2. It may reflect the tired of social interactions, cold, and began to lose interest.

3. The cognitive function is damaged, there is a memory loss, not concentrated, slow response, and decline in creative.

4. With some long-term insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss, and body weight don't feel tired.

What needs to distinguish is that depression is not a simple "bad mood". It has a strict diagnostic criteria that cannot be considered to be depressed according to a simple individual symptom or a simple screening table.

So when the child encounters unhappy things may also feel that the mood is low or the pressure is large, and it cannot be simply judged as depression. "The relevant symptoms last for two weeks" is important.

At present, the pathogenesis of depression is still unclear, but it is generally believed that suffering from the influence of the factors such as biological, psychological and social environment. Adolescent depression often comes from the realistic dilemma they face.

Many children are a single child, carrying high expectations from small parents, in school, facing high-intensity learning and promotion, and in life, it is very easy to fall into internet addiction. In addition, you have a unique conceivement that you don't have completely mature, and it is easy for them to make psychological problems and even mental disorders.

It is worth mentioning that people's understanding of depression is increasing. Many people have realized that depression is not delicate, not a matter, not "tolerant", "I want to open a bit"; then in-depth, some people can know that depression is not simply psychological problems, it also Contains physiological changes caused by psychological.

In September last year, the National Health and Justice Committee issued the "Exploring Depression Prevention and Control Service Work Plan", proposing high school and universities to include depression screening into students 'health check-up content, establishing archives to assess students' mental health status, focus on abnormal perspectives. In the daily, mental health education is used as a compulsory course, set up a psychological counseling (consultation) room, and is equipped with professional teachers to guide students and help.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission has also released the "Notice on Strengthening Mental Health Management Work in Primary and Secondary Schools", proposing to establish and improve the psychological crisis of students' psychological crisis, and at least one special mental health education teacher. Each year, a psychological health assessment is carried out in primary school, junior high school, high school, students who need to focus on life, learning difficulties or mental health issues, at least one home visit every semester.

These initiatives will have early warning and intervention for children's psychological problems. To provide practical help for students who suffer from depression, you can get the best time to treat patients, so that they will help them recover soon, return to normal campus life.

I hope we can question the children, more support and companionship, don't vent your negative emotions to your child. Not only paying attention to their academic performance, but also let children participate in collective activities, more friends, reduce their loneliness. Family, schools and society work together to let all children can stay away from depression!

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