[You'an Service] Doctor is benevolent, a special gift that Beijing You'an Hospital has received a special gift that contains patients

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[You'an Service] Doctor is benevolent, a special gift that Beijing You'an Hospital has received a special gift that contains patients

2021-11-30 00:05:11 30 ℃

On November 25, 2021, the Director Liu Qing Director, Beijing You'an Hospital received a special gift, a banner, a warm thanks to the letter, also equipped with a deep-reaching drawing of a pair of dedication. Which mysterious patient is sent, so we are so urgent to send a thank you letter to your medical staff. Colleagues that open the letter also opened the heart of the gynecologists. It turned out that Ms. Hu Hueda wrote a thank-you letter to Liu Qing's head of the team. The letter recalled her diagnosis and treatment process, and she also recorded her. You'an Hospital warms and has a diagnosis and treatment experience and praise of medical staff dedication.

Dear Liu Qing Director Team: "Know you very busy, take care of yourself, watch you have been so busy, the sweat is soaked, it is really distressed, you have to blow it later, because You are well, only more people are well ... "Ms. Hu, whispering the names of the 23rd women's medical staff, thinking that Liu Qing Director's gynecological team is his own loved ones, and the mind is delicate I touched all the people present. Ms. Hu and You'an Gemptic's story will come to 9 years ago, when Ms. Hu is 22 years old, due to the non-mature teratoma of the right ovarian, the right antenna, the right attachment is removed, and 3 courses were implemented after surgery. BEP chemotherapy solution, this subsequent review has not seen an abnormality until the remaining other ovaries will grow 5cm package this year, Ms. Ms. Hu is desperate, desperate, think it is a tumor recurrence, life is short, strong requirement Substance resection is only the remaining left ovary and uterus. Three gynecological teams have repeatedly young and not yet. If the surgery such as patient, the patient will always lose fertility, spend a general age, witnessed, even the postmenopausal women, the quality of life will decline. Director Liu Qing, deputy director Li Xiuliland, led the gynecological team to view the patient and combined with the auxiliary inspection comprehensive assessment, preoperative discussion, considering the malignant possibilities, suggestion, in accordance with the surgical situation and frozen pathological results , Decide the surgery program. This program came out, and patients and family members were repeatedly communicated, but they were not recognized by the patient, even strongly opposed: "Doctor, I will not be born in the future. I also don't care about the quality of life later, I am afraid To cut it, you have shattered it. Only one wish: live! " Everyone heard the most feedback. The doctor is benevolent, and Liu Qing Director once again came to the patient's ward to communicate in the first time after the outpatient clinic. Li Xiulilan deputy director is also worried that patients do not understand, do not understand, anxiously, and communicate. I really change the final patient choice to trust Liu Qing Director team. The surgery was performed on November 2nd to implement laparoscopic left ovarian cyst stripping, and intraoperative probation, after surgery, postoperative pathology suggests ovarian cysts, which is benign. The ovary is saved, Ms. Hu is excited, and Liu Qing's head of the team is responsible for the doctor. Under the current doctor's relationship, he cares with your heart, and uses love to care for the happiness of Ms. Ms.

Ms. Hu sent a gift, and painted a vibrant grass to reserve a bunch of lights on behalf of the gynecological team! The mainstream of Liu said that we will accept this praise, the banner, and the beautiful drawing of hope and love. The patient's satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, excellence, pursuit of excellence has always been the tenet of the Yous'an Hospital gynecology team, we will continue to adhere to the purpose of service, using love communication purposes!