5 signs of giving students gathe, see if they are recruited?

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5 signs of giving students gathe, see if they are recruited?

2021-11-30 00:04:48 42 ℃

I don't know if I don't know, I am scared, how long is this, actually fat 10 pounds?

Although the young girl said before, the weight loss can't look at weight, and the weight does not necessarily represent the body is good, but it is still necessary to regularly weigh the weight. No matter if you lose weight, you will prepare a weight scale every other time (you can "week") once, keep paying attention to your body changes, which is helpful to keep your body.

What should I do if my weight scale? Today, I will share a simple five ways, but it can also be judged. These are signs of gain, be careful.

1, lethargy, lazy

Although the spring is sleepy, the autumn is lacking in the summer, but it has already slept very early every day, I have enough for 8 hours, and I haven't stayed up late. Why is it still very sleepy, yawn?

It is always a fine to pick up, but it is preferred to lying on the sofa; I will not be able to cook, and finally use instant noodles. If you have this situation, exclude sick and overworked, indicating that you have to get fat, fat begins to accumulate. must be careful.

2, often feel thirsty

Thirst is not a small thing, when you find that you suddenly become thirsty, no matter how drinking water is not enough, this is the performance of the body salt ingestion or water shortage. In a water shortage environment, fat is difficult to decompose, and can only be stored in the body.

Therefore, in addition to controlling salt intake, it is necessary to ensure that sufficient moisture every day, don't wait until you are thirsty. It is recommended to drink 1500-2000ml of boiled water every day, do not replace it with a drink.

3, the amount of food is increased, always chew in your mouth

The principle of weight loss is to control calories less than consumption. If you find that your food is suddenly increased, or because of working pressure, or because of physical health. Work, study, or when you have a drama, you find that you have something to eat, you can eat the snacks around you, this time, most of them are averaged.

You know, these foods look at small, in fact, "hot bombs", want to keep your body, must control diet, if you need to help think or concentrate, you can get up every hour, give I have a buffering time, so it's easier to pay attention to it.

4, there is no exercise for a few weeks.

For special periods, although everyone cannot participate in outdoor sports, it is still possible at home. If you have a habit of exercise before, I also like sports, but recently, I don't want to move! There is no exercise in the at least two weeks, which is also a fat signal.

Not only because of the growth of age, the human basic metabolism will fall, especially after 25 years old. In addition, "motion ability" is actually followed by the principle of using the discovery. Regularly do not exercise, your body will lose, fat will be more easy to accumulate, the body from the elastic feel, becomes a soft feel.

5, excessive fatigue, often feel pressure

During weight loss, rest is important. Fatigue and pressure can cause physical hormone secretion, which can cause increase in adrenal hormones in adrenal gland, which will change the distribution of adipose tissue in the human body. It will move other parts of fat, in the short-term to the abdomen and hips, which is why The reason for the little belly.

In addition, many people accumulated in the work, they will turn into the power of eating. After get off work, they will use wild junk food to relieve some. Anyway, there is a snack around you. Oh, invisible gains, terrible.

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The above 5 big gains, as long as you have one, you are getting slowless! Look at yourself?

Fat and living habits are mutual influence, so we have to develop good habits, tube, and do legs, be a healthy and happy person.

The baby who got a fat look here, share it with 3 small ways, learn: 1. Timed record weight. 2. Take a photo record to eat the body of the body, eat 8 minutes, never eat. 3. Move 2 to 3 times a week.

Like to reduce the girl, manual point "is watching"!

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