Consumers are willing to pay higher prices for protein supplements

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Consumers are willing to pay higher prices for protein supplements

2021-11-30 06:05:43 22 ℃

According to Kerry "mentality protein: protein reveals consumer perceptions and preferences," the latest research, protein content and quality is quickly becoming the main driving force consumers to purchase choice. The company predicts that by 2022, the demand for protein supplement will steadily grow. The study surveyed more than 6300 consumers from 12 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Peas, oats, soybeans and almond protein to consumers the most "attractive", Kerry's senior director of marketing, application health and nutrition Melissa Sheridan representation. Research shows that consumer preference for vegetable protein depends entirely on its application. The most popular snack vegetable protein peas, peanuts, almonds and oats.

Sheridan said: "In beverage applications, consumer favorite vegetable protein oats and soybeans many other protein sources, including rice, sunflower, hemp and rapeseed, consumers are not familiar with, but is considered to be very nutritious. these little-known source of protein is gaining consumer awareness, consumers increasingly understand the types of available plant protein alternatives. "

Consumers are willing to pay a higher price for the protein supplements

Kerry's research shows that consumers are willing to pay higher protein supplement food prices. Therefore, the protein in a good position, it can make existing products and introduction of new high-end products. About 75 percent of global consumers said they would supplement protein foods and beverages to pay higher prices. More than half of the world's consumers are willing to pay a premium of 10%, another 15% of consumers are willing to pay a 25% premium.

Sheridan represent high-end is an established way to distinguish increasingly concerned about the health and sustainability. Kerry's study investigated the 23 kinds of attractive proteins from different sources, including animal, vegetable and dairy proteins, and to assess the relevance of protein supplement in 30 different food and beverage concepts.

The core elements include convey the nutritional quality of the protein source of protein digestibility by adding the amino acid score (PDCAAS) and essential amino acid score (EAA). In addition, food manufacturers may be proteins with other functional ingredients (such as probiotics) combined to increase the product's health certification.

Sheridan explains: "concerned about transparency, sustainability, traceability and allergen-free declaration in the market have increased significantly, therefore, clean label, better-for-you, the angle of sustainable products can command a premium. worldwide, only 28% of people aware of PDCAAS is an important indicator of the nutritional quality of the protein. "

The study also confirmed that the taste is more than 60% of the world's top consumer purchase consideration, followed by protein quality.

Plant proteins to get the sacred status

Protein continues to be a popular word consumer label consciousness. Kerry experts pointed out that with the popularity and demand for vegetarian food vegetable growing, attractive plant proteins have risen sharply. According to Innova Market Insights, since 2016, as a "source of protein" food and beverage products increased by 9.45%. Attractive plant proteins have risen sharply.

"Affected by the epidemic and consumer concerns about health and nutrition for active (rather than reactive nutrition) driven by increased interest in food and beverage markets around the world has changed rapidly. Consumers broader awareness of the many benefits of protein more and more mainstream consumers to make purchasing decisions. "Kerry consumer research and insight, global director Soumya Nair added.

The study also stressed that many of the vegetable protein source with strong market potential, which marks a positive consumer nutrition concept.

However, taste, texture and nutritional optimization is still challenging. Mixed vegetable protein and protein formula milk products attractive to consumers, manufacturers on behalf of the winning strategy to overcome the challenges of taste and texture.

Innova said that in 2020 alternative protein increased demand in 2021 will continue to develop. With the use of pea protein potential of the brand, the use of alternative proteins are widely used in soft drinks and ready to eat food category.

Protein health benefits to attract consumers

Consumer motivation protein is a healthy, 50% of respondents protein and "healthy eating" together, 46% of respondents protein and "healthy lifestyle" together.

The report predicts the next few years, the demand for protein supplement will rise. "Better-for-you" on the package, "health halo" and "clean label" is the key manufacturing can resonate among consumers protein foods and beverages.

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