alert!Hedpes is high, and the top-shaped herpes is prevented.

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alert!Hedpes is high, and the top-shaped herpes is prevented.

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What is a herpes?

Herpeszoexia is a infectious skin disease caused by chickenpox-herpes zoster virus activated in the rhertine god god godium and cerebral gods. Typical symptoms are damaged by a ribbon-shaped skin damage, often accompanied by neuropathic pain. Herpes is usually 2 to 4 weeks, and patients will feel severe pain, 5% ~ 30% of patients will have a painful pain (PHN), loss of vision, hearing barrier, visceral damage and other complications , Seriously affect the quality of life of patients.

Low age growth and immune function is an important factor in trigger herpes zoster. The human body will decrease with age growth with age, which is especially obvious after 50 years old. Therefore, adults with striped herpes have been more than 50 years old, and they are also prone to immunodeficiency, high mental stress, excessive fatigue, and people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.).

Since ribbon herpes is painful and refractory, what can I prevent the onset of herpes? The answer is that the method is to vaccinate the stripper vaccine.

What is the stripper vaccine? What is the protection effect?

Shenthash vaccine is a pharmaceutical product for herpes simpler, which uses DNA recombinant technologies, expressing chickenpox-withdrawed herpes virus glycoprotein E, cultured, harvest in hamster oviviation cells in hamster in China , Purified, lyophilized, made, with good protective effect on stripped herpes, suitable for the prevention of adult herpes of herpes 50 and over. At present, the recombinant stripper vaccine has been listed and enters the domestic market.

After the vaccination, although it is not 100% guaranteed that there is no strip-shaped herbs, the probability of the illness is greatly reduced. The global clinical study shows that compared with placebo, the protocol vaccine is 97.2% of the adults of 50 and over the adults, and the protection rate after 4 years of follow-up is not shown. The follow-up observation of up to 9 years shows that the vaccine can be maintained for 9 to 15 years.

Who needs to vaccinate a strip-shaped petrophotos?

Adults in 50 years and more can be vaccinated. People with immunosuppressive drugs, which lead to low immunity can also be inoculated. In addition, patients in the episodes of herpes cannot be vaccinated, but they can be vaccinated after rash, to prevent stripped herpes.

Herpes zoster, why do you need to vaccinate a strip-shaped petrophache?

After suffering from a herpes, it is not possible to obtain lifelong immunization like chickenpox, and there is still recurrence possible. Studies have shown that there are 2% to 8% of people who may relapse after a crowd of human herpes; people with low immune function, 15% to 20% of people may recurrence. Therefore, people who have herpes zoster still need to vaccinate the stripper vaccine.

Has been vaccinated, is it necessary to vaccinate a strip-shaped hazose vaccine?

Seralox and strip herpes are caused by the same virus (chickenpox-with herpes zose virus), but they are two different diseases. The varicella vaccine and herpes zoster vaccine are two different vaccines, and their mechanisms are completely different. There is no evidence that vaccination can prevent herpes zoster. Therefore, people who have undergone passageful acne vaccine are still necessary to vaccinate with herpes zoster vaccine.

What is the method of vaccination of herpes zoster vaccine? What precautions?

The sheath vaccine uses muscle injection, the inoculation site is the upper arm triangular muscle, the inoculation process is 2 doses, and the second agent is inoculated 2 to 6 months after inoculation of the first agent. The vaccination has the following considerations:

1. The vaccinars with acute severe heat generation should postpone the vaccination. If only a slight infection such as a cold, there is no need to postpone a vaccination.

2. Patients with platelet reduction or any coagulation disorder should be cautiously selected to inoculate the vaccine.

3. Immunosuppressible populations may not be able to produce enough immune responses.

4. Inoculation of the strip-shaded vaccine 2 to 3 days, fatigue and discomfort may occur, slightly affect the ability to drive and operate the machine.