This is 37 years old, you dare to believe?!

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This is 37 years old, you dare to believe?!

2021-11-30 06:05:21 19 ℃

This is the foundation of the 1488th article


This issue of the master

My name is He Weihui, 37 years old, 189cm, 89 kg, Wuhan, bank management personnel, three major achievements: push 100kg, deep squat 150kg, hard pull 180kg. I have not participated in the game temporarily.

Skinny from small, have always had exercise habits. After work, slowly stop moving, a basketball field in the end of 19 years, found that the body is turned into a young guy. The body is the capital of the revolution, so in order to health, start 铁. Since June 19, from 65 kg, the muscle can not start the brush.

Share the Back Training Plan: 1. Freely bibly, do 4 groups, perceive, 12, 10, 8, 8. 2. Barbell rowing, increasing group 4 group, 70 kg 12 times, 80 kg 12 times, 90 kg 10 times, 100 kg 8 times. 3. Wide low-distance high drop 4 * 12.4. Narrow-distance high pull 4 * 12.5. Sitting distance width rowing 4 * 12.6. Sitting in a narrow-distance seat boat 4 * 12.7. Lifted dumbbell single-arm boat 30 kg 4 * 12.8. Light weight down 4 * 20 end.

Diet cannot be worried as a professional or work that is not busy, and three meals a day is fine, with a clean and nutrition balance, try not to eat food and fat content. In addition, add 12 eggs (8 whole eggs, 4 proteins) every day (all eggs, no problem, pro test, did not eat 12 because they can't eat), divided into two meals, generally arranged in plus Meal time. In addition to normal three meals, it will add food after afternoon and training, with eggs, whole wheat bread, protein powder.

The biggest detour that has passed is a pursuit of weight, causing shoulder hits, but in the post-action adjustment, it has been fully rehabilitated. Advise everyone must conduct strength training under the premise of posture. The movement of the legend is king.

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