After 80, the couple chose to eat the heart of the egg for 2 years, how is the body?Or you want to be different

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After 80, the couple chose to eat the heart of the egg for 2 years, how is the body?Or you want to be different

2021-11-30 06:06:10 43 ℃

Lead: "In the early days of the founding of China, my country's economy is very late, and even the most basic temperature and food problems can be solved, but the economic level has been greatly improved under the continuous efforts of the Chinese, people are no longer being plagued by warmth." # 健期knowledgeable#

However, many people don't pay attention to the problem of eating health. No matter what food will eat in your belly, I don't consider the impact of Hu eat Hairy.

First, after 80, the couple chose to eat a heart egg for 2 years, how is the body? Or you want to be different

After 80, Wang Ming and his wife Zhang Li have been married for more than ten years, and the husband and wife started to operate a net shop very hard.

Sometimes I don't even have time to eat, so they will cook a few eggs, think that the nutritional value of eggs is very high, and eating more eggs is definitely very high.

And both of them like to eat the heart egg. After two years, the husband and wife have obviously feel that the body is not suitable. After the hospital, the doctor tells them that the two have the symptoms of thyroid nodules, while the culprit is a heart egg. .

Second, if you want to stabilize the thyroid nodule cancer, it is recommended to eat more foods.

1, potatoes

Everyone is familiar with the potato, usually, often eat, for this price of the food, many people may not think that it has a very good effect on controlling thyroid nodules cancer.

Because the content of vitamins and trace elements in potatoes is very high, it is conducive to the synthesis of thyroid hormones, which is very good to control the condition.

2, loofah

Loofah is a very seasonal food, only mature during the summer of the summer, but with the continuous maturity of greenhouse planting technology, people can eat loofah, but the price is high. Some.

In fact, in many years, loofah was determined by Chinese medicine as a good anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect, and a very good effect of inhibiting thyroid disease, so I suggested that you will eat more loofah.

3, figs

Everyone has eaten figs, its taste is very good, and sweet is not greasy, and this fruit is called "sugar bag" in Xinjiang people. Although we all know that figs are delicious, few people know that figs have the effect of swollen and spread, especially for the treatment of thyroid nodules.

However, the figs behind maturity are not easy to store, so people will dry figs into figs, experts tell us that there are also fresh figs.

Conclusion: "Different foods have different nutritional value, but it should also be careful not to eat more, otherwise it will also affect our health."