Mystery of this source

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Mystery of this source

2021-11-30 06:06:30 41 ℃

World idealism, mind-made universe. Information-oriented form, as a representation thereof. Since with the present knowledge, holographic sensor. Heart derivatives, conscious perception.

Note: This is the heart of the world realized, the heart of the creation of the universe. Information is the original state of the universe (present state), the appearance of the phenomenon of the universe is the substance (external phase). Since the body with the universe "consciousness" (this knowledge), all the information can be induced. Create heart-derived substances, the knowledge generated perception evolution of consciousness.

Natural world contains their different information, based on information outside the human brain reads the sensory organs to generate awareness. One can see why the outside world can not see the scene of the body's own organs? One can obtain information why the natural world can not read the information on the cell's own DNA? If human consciousness can Bianzhi body of information, then the time will be able to fully understand their own health status. Why can not read their own sense of information and data? How the universe was only informed of the hologram? We will reveal the origin of consciousness - the consciousness of this mystery!

Human consciousness is outside the brain to read information formed the phenomenon of perception, the scene outside world through sensory organs (vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste) into consciousness scene. Therefore, consciousness information reading process must be converted by a sensory systems (vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste) of. Because the human body so there is no visual awareness invisible organs in the body, because the perceptual system can not read the cell data so consciousness can not know the cell DNA.

Sakyamuni Buddha, all idealism made! The world is false, matter does not exist, everything is realizable heart. Natural Vientiane to information presented in consciousness (mind), the natural world is the essence of information. Since the universe itself with "consciousness" - this knowledge, and can sense all the information. For example, "psychic" does not require the transfer (transformation of a visual, audible, etc.) can be directly converted to know all the information. Therefore, both Bianzhi Buddha epiphany moment the entire universe. If people get back "this knowledge" is not required by the senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), you can learn everything themselves and external information. For example, people may perceive themselves all the information, can see everything that happens in the body, can obtain information cell DNA. Be able to understand all the information the natural world, to see the nature of the universe, uncover all the mysteries of nature.

Conclusion: This knowledge is the origin of consciousness, the nature of all things is information. This knowledge can be "induced" holographic universe, universe all the information learned by induction. Heart made the universe, the evolution of consciousness awareness information into objects. Cosmic consciousness get information, sensory organs will form the natural world into information awareness through the "senses" (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste). So, if people get back "this knowledge" that can instantly sense a holographic universe, if people use "consciousness" can only be read by means of transforming information sensory organs (vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste).