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Lazy experience | How to keep your body without exercise?Talk to a healthy diet

2021-11-30 06:05:22 20 ℃


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Healthy diet this topic, before talking to you many times. The UK has an old saying:

"You are what you eat"

For this point, I have more and more experienced these years.

Before and everyone said, my body recovery is very slow after giving birth. Send a few photos to the Internet and have been laughing.

After this time I gave birth to a second child, my body recovery was faster through a healthy diet.

I don't want to increase the exercise, but I feed in the evening / change the urine and the child ... I want to sleep a complete feeling difficult, during the day, the time is not from the heart!

But I have recently practiced Pamara, mainly to shape firming. Then the arm is also a little loose, and if you have the effect, please update it!

However, I am not so happy, but in the case of post-production, my color, spirit and thinking state are maintained in a good state, and the diet is really the shape of the outside.

But, each time I mention a healthy diet, there is always a lot of students say:

That is your self-control, I will definitely you can't do it!

After eating everything, I'm too tired ...

Healthy diet makes me lose soul, I will not give up food!

To be honest, I have thought about it very much ago, and I have made it difficult for this. Later, he slowly figured out the way, before entering the positive circulation of more and more happy.

I found that more theories and truths are not as good as they find their own ideas and methods.

So, this time I want to share my experience, let everyone walk less, and take a healthy diet as soon as possible ~

The best way to eat less is to bring your child to the hotel!

Take a meal to eat up to three!

All the whole process is feeding, rubbing the mouth, the residue, change the mouth, cut the food, stroll down, hahahahaha

Misunderstanding must be avoided


Nowadays, a lot of popular diet is extremely extreme, such as ketone, low carbohydrate, gluten, full-food, etc., many labels that have been labeled healthy diet.

About ketone, I have said before, it is the first to treat obesity therapy in medicine, not suitable for ordinary people's diet.

Use "low carbon diet" to give an example. Low carbon diet is more mild, and there are many research support on the Internet, I really found a literature. After reading it, I found that conclusions and everyone think of it.

For example, a study on the "Willow knife" found that high carbohydrates were harmful to the human body.

But carefully look at the data in it, "high" in the study is 70% of the carbohydrate energy supply, 50% -55% is normal, less than 40% and there is no benefit.

In our domestic diet, the average value of the supply capacity ratio of the carbohydrate is approximately 55%.

That is to say, just pay attention to it, you can pay attention. If the carbohydrate is completely reduced, for example, it is harmful to eat at all.

This is also a lot of girls who don't eat staples, but the big aunt is irregular, and the hair loss is serious.

This is also a relatively mature direction. Although there are some new food programs, although research is supported, it should be known that any new research is published, even if there is theoretical and evidence support, there are countless to verify and discuss The details are not equal to the truth, and the cost of blindly try is big.

Moreover, these special diet methods have a drawback, which is very troublesome, and invisibly improve the implementation threshold.

This type of extreme diet method is absolutely not recommended.

Strictly control diet

Even reasonable diet programs, don't be too strict, over-consuming willpower resources.

That kind of list, a calorie, a nutrition, I haven't been done for a long time, nor is it suitable for most people.

I have summed up a good habit to develop methods:

"Developing a habit is the most critical thing to feel the wonderful feelings brought by this habit. Every time I feel this wonderful time, I prompt you to remember this wonderful, so you can come from your heart."

Forced symptoms control diet, will not bring a good experience, and will not bring real changes.

Persistent in some healthy food

When I am talking about healthy food, there is no some noun in your brain, such as: buckwheat, eagle, Brazil, Kilai seed, bumper ...

These are indeed good ingredients, I have tried it myself.

However, healthy food is a very broad concept. The superfood, which is popular for many years, essence is high nutrient density, which is conducive to human health, usually contains rich antioxidant ingredients, dietary fibers, trace elements, proteins, and the like.

According to this standard, there is too much superfood in life, and Net red health food can eat, but it is not over-reliable, or the sentence, it is obsessed with specific health foods, will only improve the implementation threshold, not everyone is Supermodel ~


Correct thinking of healthy diet

Grasping nutrition balance

The mereled dietary plan is in fact, in fact, the resident dietary guide is the best food plan for the public.

The resident dietary guidelines have every country, in order to adapt to the people of all countries, there is slightly in the country, but the overall idea is the same, the pursuit is a balanced nutrition.

Moreover, all countries have paid a corresponding picture in order to popularize the concept of health, and only need to see a poster, there is a number in my heart. No need to deduct the number, the detail, probably in accordance with this ratio. I really like the Australian version of the poster, the pie chart is good to grasp the proportion, and the food is intuitive, and the unhealthy food below is also "Only Sometimes and In Small Amounts".

Limited time diet

TRF Time-Restricted Feeding is a lot of species, everyone heard the "next-day fasting", "5: 2" is here. I have tried it before, it is to set up a 16-hour fasting window for one day, which is also a limited time diet.

It has now been a simpler temperature-limited dietary solution: After eating the food you need in the specified time window.

I feel this better to achieve ha, everyone can try it from this.

At 2021 American Diabetes Association (ADA) Sciences, some people announced the results of the study, "limited time diet people" night sleep, the level of fat metabolism is higher than those in 8 o'clock, weight and body fat obviously decased.

After my own discovery, I found that if I want to perform a little, I can set the time window for 10 hours, eat normal between 8:00 am-6:00pm, I have been in 5-6 days per week, and I also have a good job. Even if you don't have a small belly, you are also awkward.

In fact, this really has to pay a little effort, you can achieve thin dreams.

Maintain healthy food tendency

In addition to Superfood mentioned above, I also studied healthy brain food, I recommend everyone to see "Brain Food" book.

My principle is to record these foods in my heart, when choice, "bias" they can.

With such a heart, when you visit the supermarket, take a healthier food, when you eat, eat healthy food in your plate, you will eat more. In the long run, don't have to force yourself, the brain slowly remembered this preference.

Preventing typhoon

The habit of developing healthy diet is the most afraid of overeating. Therefore, it must be prevented in advance, I have two small ways to prevent tyrants:

✅ One is that the initiative setting is the day, that is, Cheating Day.

Every time I, I will choose a day, take the initiative to let go of snacks that don't eat.

I found that if you persist in healthy diet, you can eat some junk food, usually eat two pieces, you can't eat, it is, mainly to meet the psychology of indulgence.

2 is to control "blood sugar".

Sometimes our appetite has risen to overeating because we have entered the "blood sugar".

Simply, after we finish dinner, blood sugar will rise first. After a while, the blood sugar will decline under insulin, and even fell to the lower than the meal, this time is called "blood sugar".

When we are in "blood sugar", we will crazy want to eat, and more inclined to eat high-calorie food, this is a kind of energy, it is difficult to overcome with the meaning.

In the face of "blood glucose", it can be started from prevention and response.

We usually say high gi food, such as exquisite starch (rice, steamed buns, white bread, etc.), will make insulin override, turn the blood sugar, and a blood sugar. Therefore, there are more coarse grains in the staple food to avoid blood sugar.

In addition, I will also prepare some foods, the principle is easy to carry, nutritious and hungry, recommend cheese, yoghurt, black, beef dry and nuts, my family is standing, go out, busy, eat One point, immediately full of spirit.

Have a lot of mouth:

Yogurt has a sugar-sugar-sugar-sugar-free, and the quality of the quality is good, some are too fat, eat fragrance. In fact, there is no effect; the happiness chooses more than 70% of COCO, milk chocolate, sandwich chocolate is not counted; nuts buy original taste Or the pretzer, don't buck a wrapped in the sugar cream!

Increase executability

"If you go to the meal, you should eat something, you will eat something else."

When you open the refrigerator door, I find no vegetables and healthy ingredients, and some pizza will have almost inevitably happen.

So, my refrigerator is standing in the frozen sweet pea, corn grains, and some vegetables can have some vegetables, of course, there are some treated chicken breast. When you are hungry, mix it in two minutes.

Many people think that frozen vegetables and cans have no nutrition. In fact, in addition to vitamin C losses, minerals, carotenoids, vitamin K, antioxidants and dietary fibers do not have a significant loss.

Even the nutrient storage rate of frozen vegetables is much higher than that of fresh vegetables for a long time.

Is this dismantling, is it not so difficult?

I think self-discipline is not a quality, but a way of thinking, healthy diet is true.

It is difficult to depends on how you look at it, change your thinking and cognition, there will be four or two dials.

I really hope that everyone will eat beautiful and health, the sooner start, the sooner benefit ~