What to eat in summer?Do you know what you eat for four kinds of fire foods?

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What to eat in summer?Do you know what you eat for four kinds of fire foods?

2021-11-30 12:06:18 32 ℃

In the summer, the weather is hot, the climate is dry, easy to be angry, redness, bleeding, sore throat and pain. what do I do? How to deal with this annoying angry problem? In fact, in the summer diet, you can eat some of the following foods.

Bean sprouts: high vitamin content

Bean sprouts contain rich protein and vitamin C, is a non-normally good kinds of food. Other trace elements are also very high. It can improve the lack of spring vitamin B2. Proper consumption can help prevent oxyhematical yellow bean buds contain rich minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium. Bean sprouts have the effect of supplement iron, calcium and zinc. Various bean sprouts have more edible methods and cooking methods such as fried bean sprouts, sprouts, peas sprouts and scrambled eggs.

Garlic: Have a good bactericidal and anti-disease effect

Seedlings such as garlic seedlings and seedlings are very beneficial to human positive hair growth, and they are beneficial to spring health. Garlic is rich in vitamin C, protein, carotene, sulphin, riboflavin, and the like. The taste is spicy, so it has the effect of eliminating food accumulation, sterilization and spleen, especially effective to prevent spring flu, gastroenteritis, loss of appetite.

The cooking method of garlic seeds can be cold and fried. Common dishes are recommended to be garlic fried meat, garlic fried eggs, garlic tofu, etc.

Peach blossom

Peach blossom is a flower fairy in March, and its medicinal value is also recorded in Tibetan doctors and Miao doctors. Modern studies have confirmed that peach blossoms help to dredger meridians, improve blood circulation, promote skin nutrition, moisturizing the skin, and is very suitable for women. Peach blossom has a strong blood circulation. Women who do not recommend pregnant women and too many months.

Honeysuckle: anti-inflammatory fire

Honeysuckle is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It is known as "pharmacy Xiaoxi", which has the effect of clearing heat detoxification, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, especially suitable for many spring respiratory infections, mumps, eczema and other infectious diseases. Drinking gold and silver, drinks, not only let you restore breathing, you can also reduce your body.