With the former boyfriend for 3 years, traffic 8 times, can you still be pregnant?

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With the former boyfriend for 3 years, traffic 8 times, can you still be pregnant?

2021-11-30 12:07:43 39 ℃

Yesterday, a girl private letter said that he was with his boyfriend for 3 years. Although there was noisy, the feelings were stable, thinking that boyfriend is his destined him, because of the rapid heating of the feelings, there should happen Everything happened.

The first unexpected pregnancy, but also scared, but considering that two people are too young, I have chosen painless flow, I am really afraid of lying on the bed, although it is painless, I really appreciate the ice cooled pliers. Self-help.

After the first time, there was a second time, the third time, I have gradually become numb from the fear of the beginning, thinking that the painless flow is the universal regret. But didn't expect that when I got married, my mother's mother actually because I was abortion, I was worried about nothing in the future, forcing my boyfriend to break up with me.

My boyfriend began to shake, but I considered my feelings, I have never spoken it, and I have grind his mother. I will break up with me, and I will say it will compensate me, give me a breakup fee. Now, I don't know what to do? Doctor, abortion, will I really don't have children in the future?

I watched the girl's private letter, I can't stand it, I haven't born in the 21st century. How do you have such a body. You must know that there is no completely reversible life in the world, and abortion is not always for all. Only if you pay attention to it is the responsibility of your body.

From pregnancy to birth, all systems in the body will have a lot of subtle changes, and in October, the first thing to be prepared, and there will be late pregnancy.

Artificial termination of pregnancy (people flow), the endocrine level in the body will drop sharply, which is a potential impact strike on the human body. If it is repeated abortion, the double blow suffering from the body will gradually reduce the functions of all aspects, and even unreasonable harm.

1, menstruation

Common phenomena includes excess or too little menstrual period, amenorrhea, menstrual cycle disorders.

2, habitual abortion and ectopic pregnancy

Multi-velocities are getting bigger and bigger, causing habitual abortion, causing pelvic inflammation, and fertilized eggs may also focus on uterus, leading to ectopic pregnancy.

3, leading to infertility

Among the increasingly climbing women in childbearing age, more than 70% of them were caused by improper flow and repeated multiparters. A large number of clinical data showed that the number of abortions was proportional to the chance of infertility.

4, multiple complications and emergency

A pregnancy placenta, placental adhesion or implantation, premium, premature birth, pre-birth, postpartum bleeding, these are complications and emergencys that endanger life.

5, causing gynecological inflammation or causes uterine cavity and cervical adhesion

Repeated people can easily trigger inflammation such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, can also lead to the phenomenon of uterine cavity and cervical adhesion, and repeated abdominal pain and pass through.

6, sexual life is not harmonious

Multiple abortion women may be afraid of pregnancy, and thus produce fear of sexual life, causing dysfunction such as female sex, leading to sexual life.

Tips, people are not what we think so, in addition to damage to the flesh, there may be other hidden hazards, female friends must pay attention, usually do contraceptive measures, don't be easy to be bad. If you don't have to have an abortion, you must choose a regular hospital. After abortion, you must follow the doctor's advice to adjust your body.