The cold wave is coming!Influenced by cold air, Suzhou will experience a fast freezing process!

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The cold wave is coming!Influenced by cold air, Suzhou will experience a fast freezing process!

2021-11-30 12:07:48 43 ℃

Hello everyone

Today is November 30, Tuesday

Overture today

I have to step into this year's last month.

Are you done your own small goals?


Cold air must come to brush a sense every week

This week is a small rainy weather.

Due to the effect of "front temperature"

Yesterday, the highest temperature rose to 18.5 ° C yesterday.

It can be said that it is not cold or even a little hot.

But the wind cools in last night in the morning

It's coming!

Suzhou weather for two consecutive days

Publishing a cold wave warning

I believe everyone's cooling today

Psychological preparation

But the early chip of getting up has to be said

Psychological preparation is better to prepare for autumn pants to use

Cold air

Suzhou will experience a quick freeze process

It is expected that in the day

That is, December 2 morning

Minimum temperature reaches the lowest point of this wave of cold air

North along the river area of ​​about 0 ° C


Other regions 1 ~ 3 ° C

Don't hard to resist

Cotton sweater colors trousers down jacket ~

While falling temperature

Rain is leaving with the cold air


Good weather is coming back!

It is a relatively large wind force.

Everyone is washed

Beware of high-altitude

Alone flower flower grass

To move into the room in time

On Thursday

The highest temperature begins to rise

It is expected that the highest temperature will reach 14 ° C on Friday.

Plus the sunlight

Warm feelings come back

This week's temperature is probably such a rhythm.

If the situation is appropriate

Can consider walking around on weekends

Let's see today's weather

[Weather Forecast]

Early cold wave alert, wind alarm and weather forecast: Today, cloudy; tomorrow is sunny to cloudy. Northwest wind 5 ~ 6 gust 7, along the river and the water surface of the rivers and lakes 8 ~ 9. Today, the highest temperature: 11 ~ 12 ° C, the highest temperature yesterday: 18.5 ° C, the lowest temperature in the morning: 3 ~ 4 ° C, the lowest temperature at this morning: 10.7 ° C (as of 06).

[Life Index]

Human comfort level 3: The weather is cold, most people feel uncomfortable

Car wash index level 1: weather is clear, suitable car wash

Clothing index level 2: Suitable wear down jacket, thick sweater, cotton jacket, etc., wear gloves and scarves

Cold Index 3: It is easy to catch a cold, please pay attention to strengthen self-protection

Drying index 3: large wind, not suitable for dry clothing outdoors

Source / Sports Travel

The weather is gradually cold

Nuring raising + replenishment is very important!

But what do you do?

Sanxiang Community Health Service Center, Canglang Street, Gusu District

General practitioner Housing Songs

Please accept it!

▼ ▼

1 Keep indoor air circulation

in the winter

People are used to keeping the door and windows of the house.

This will result in indoor carbon dioxide concentration

If adding sweat decomposition products

Digestive tract excluded adverse gases, etc.

The indoor air will be severely contaminated

People will appear in such an environment

Phenomenon such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite

Winter is a high season of carbon monoxide poisoning incident

Be sure to keep indoor air circulation, fresh

2 regulate diet

The nutritional characteristics of winter meals should be:

Adding sufficient, with it

And thermal energy adapted to activity

The intake of minerals should also be slightly higher than usual.

Pay special attention to increase the need for vitamin C

Ingest enough animal food and soybeans

To meet the needs of high quality proteins

Adding oil

Among them, the vegetable oil is preferably more than half.

Vegetables, fruits and milk have enough consumption

3 moderate tonic

According to the principle of Chinese medicine "virtual damage, cold people"

Winter meals should eat more temperature, heat

Especially the food of the warm kidney yang

To improve the cold resistance of the human body

Winter "food supplement"

Protein, vitamins should be used

And easy digestible food


First of all, try to sleep early.

Keep a long rest time


This is the first time you should pay attention to winter care.

Second, pay attention to the back of the back

Wearing warm clothes and shoes socks

In addition, special attention is:

Winter bath

It will cause a cold and cold a little careless.

Inducing respiratory disease, etc.

Therefore, reduce the number of batches

And pay attention to the warm bath process