From December, these 45 self-funded drugs will face a new round of price cuts!

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From December, these 45 self-funded drugs will face a new round of price cuts!

2021-11-30 12:07:30 39 ℃

(Health Times reporter Gairui) On November 29, Shanghai Sunshine Medicine Purchasing Network released a notice on "announced the 10th batch of bargaining drugs (self-expenditial drugs) in 2021. It is understood that this drug information will be pushed to medical institutions through the "Shanghai Medical Procurement Service and Regulatory Information System", and it is entry into force on December 1, 2021.

The content is displayed: in order to do a good job of self-funded drug hanging networks, according to the "Notice on Printing on the Implementation Opinions of Pharmaceutical Purchase of Public Hospital" (Shanghai Society [2016] No. 37) and "About further strengthening the medical insurance Notice of fixed-point medical institution self-funded drug procurement and management, "Shanghai Society [2017] No. 263), drug hanging network purchase price is produced by medical institutions and production enterprises through the sunsugation bargains, and the proprietary results can be purchased . The bargaining results must not be higher than the minimum purchase price of the five provinces and cities with the same variety; there is no five provinces and cities procurement price, the proprietary results should not be higher than the minimum purchase price of the same variety of the same variety.

According to the health club reporter, it is found that the list of self-funded drug hanging nets publicized, involving 45 drugs for 35 production enterprises, and the Pediatrics of Guizhou Miqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Biogen Netherlands BV Timethyl metagate integrated capsule; Zuo Zuomidiarazole, Beijing Jingfeng Pharmaceutical (Shandong); Pharmaceutyl Pharmaceutical, Hydrocarbone Pharmaceutical Drip, Acetic Acid, Acetic Cantonese Qingda Cranes in Yunnan Tonglia Biological Pharmaceuticals, abortion worry-free tablets; Sihe Guli peptide injection, etc.

It is worth noting that this Novo and Nord Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is also in the queue of the price reduction of the self-cost drug. It is understood that on April 29, Novo Nord announced that the State Drug Administration has ratified the Siumeguli peptide injection (trade name: Novo Thailand) produced by Novo and Nord.

Chinese diabetes have more than 129.8 million patients with diabetes, only 15.8% of blood sugar control meet. Diabetes is prone to large vascular disease, microvascular lesions and other complications, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients, and increases the patient's disease burden. Professor of Mother Nature, Director of the Department of Endocrinology, General Hospital of the PLA, said: "Diabetes hazards are not only in the disease itself, but also a series of serious complications that may bring in diabetes."

Before Siumegulum Injection was officially approved in China, the "Somarum" has been concerned with the industry. As a heavy GLP-1 product, a heavy GLP-1 product is administered, Siumen peptide injection is extended to 7 days by breakthrough technology, and achieves one week. Some industry insiders told reporters that this Si Gru peptide injection can further benefit the majority of diabetes patients from the drug delivery prices.


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