"Lipstick Master" has been announced, not onion, drink water every day, is clean, blood fat is normal

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"Lipstick Master" has been announced, not onion, drink water every day, is clean, blood fat is normal

2021-12-01 06:05:53 45 ℃

As one of the modern wealthy diseases, high blood fat in recent years is getting higher and higher, gradually become a rising "new star" in the disease, from men to women, from the elderly to children, there are high blood fat cases The span of the disease crowd is very surprising, and it is simp to catch a cold. It is also good to have a cold.

Regarding the cause of hyperlipidemia, people are generally considered to be "eating", now it is better than before, and there are more people with high blood lipids. Life habits and diet, leading to high blood fat two "yuan", people's blind pursuit of high-sugar foods will only make the blood lipid concentration getting higher and higher, so it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable diet.

People who are too high blood, there is 5 abnormal performance! You have to lose hard.

1. Memory decline, forgetful

There is often this situation in life, I want to do something, but I will forget to do it. Many people think that it is excessive with brain, but the brain is not enough, but the timing may be high blood lipid concentration It is, when the human blood lipid concentration is high, it is easy to lead to a time, ischemia or hypoxia. At this time, there will be a memory decline, forgetful situation, and then return to normal, which also leads to many people to pay attention.

2. Weight value

Many people think that the three highs including high blood fat are an old age. Only the elderly people will suffer this disease, thus paying attention to their health, but actually because of high fat, high-calorie food intake More, there are many people with high blood lipids in all ages, and they have a clear common point to generally have heavy weight, and the fat content in the obese population is high. The lipids in the blood are also high, high blood fat It is also a chapter.

3. Dry eyes, blurred vision

Dry eyes, the vision is blurred, which will be caused by excessive or eye problems, but in addition to eye problems, the problem in reality may be caused by high blood fat, long-term high blood lipids can cause pulse ather Hardening, so that blood supply is insufficient surrounding blood supply, there will be a blurred vision, and the eyes of eyes.

4. limb numbness

The human body needs nutrients and oxygen. It also needs to discharge carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, and these functions are carried out by blood transport. When the lipid content in the blood is too high, it will affect blood transport, so that blood vessels, The blood transport capacity is lowered, and the long distance from the remote position is insufficient. The limbs are far from the body, and the blood transport is also weak. When the concentration of blood lipids is too high, it is easy to affect blood circulation, especially intravenous reflow, when tissue is insufficient, it will produce numbness.

5. 黄 黄

Huang wok is also called yellow tumor, which is specifically shown that there is a pale yellow tumor projection at the eyelid, and the size is about rice granules to broad beans. It has slowed more slowly, and self-elimination is difficult, this is due to lipid content in the blood. Higher, the lipid is caused by accumulation at the eyelid, in general, more common in middle-aged women, be sure to pay attention to it.

What should I do if my blood lipid is high? "Lipstick Master" has been announced, not onion, drink water every day, is clean, blood fat is normal

Drinking Mingzi Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum, decision, burdock root is a good helper for protecting blood vessels, and drinking a unique advantage of lowering blood lipids, drink more, the blood vessels are slow, and the blood lipid is lowered, and it is not plagued by high blood lipids.

Chrysanthemum: promotes digestion, promotes the conversion of blood lipids, and reduces excess lipid content in the blood;

Cassia: Exhaust toxins, purify blood, improve blood transportation capacity, relieve body ischemia;

Burdock: contains large amounts, helping the human body to litter, effectively reduce blood lipids and blood pressure.

[Chrysanthemum, Cassia, Burdock Root ↓ Scientific ratio of the same tea bag, boiling water for five minutes, insist on drinking, take a shower, dredging blood vessels, lowers blood fat. 】

Eat less these three things, stay away from high blood fat

Pickled meat

Marinated products such as pickles, kimchi, bacon, ham, etc., you need to add a lot of salt when pickling, so that the food contains a lot of sodium ions, and the salted product is much easily caused, and the blood vessel pressure is increased. Large, blood vessels, increased viscosity of blood, forming high blood lipids.


There are a lot of people like a soup. I feel that the soup is more and more nutritious. The more people are the benefits of the human body, the happiness is the happiness, such a soup, neither eat meat, and nutrition Also enriched, but these sorrowful soup containing a lot of fat in the inside, drink more and eat fat, and it is easy to cause the increase in blood lipids in human body.

3. Pork brain

A large amount of cholesterol and fat are contained in the pig brain, even more than pork, and people who have had high blood lipids should be careful. In fact, it is not just a pig brain, most of the animal's internal organs contain a large amount of cholesterol, and the main components of blood lipids are fat and cholesterol, and the cholesterol is more, the blood is getting sticky, and the blood lipid is also up.


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