The doctors of the township hospital have "Where is the doctor?"

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The doctors of the township hospital have "Where is the doctor?"

2021-12-01 06:06:19 34 ℃

Subject, broke

The content is too real.

Leave, retire, resign ...

Health center

Since this year, there have been 11 people in the town health center to leave, including 2 people, retirement, 2 people resigned, this is still difficult to return to leave, 5 people.

Only 4 people in the math center, attach 2 people, in the "net outflow" state.

Vaccination, public health, outpatient hospitalization, emergency night shift, pre-examination, epidemic prevention and control of these work requires people, it is helpless.

The author analyzes other township health centers in the county, there are few more situations, and even the health center of the pen is serious.

The hospital can't stay, there is five points.

The grassroots level should be developed, and the talent team is the key. What is the reason for can't stay in the grassroots, and the medical staff of the hospital will lose a lot?

The author has talked about the following reasons from the work experience of township hospitals.

First, the working environment of township hospitals can not meet grassroots doctors

In terms of work, such as the healthy equipment is simple, check the equipment only blood routine and ECG, can only open a medicine and see common diseases, the people are not very trustworthy, professional medical staff can only be placed in the uncomfortable position in the township health center .

In terms of life, the author's health center as an example, 70% of the 7 people who took care of children and solve the separation of husband and wife.

Second, the township health center works

"Thousands of lines above, one needle", many work need to be implemented in the grassroots, and the medical staff of township hospitals often have several jobs.

Everyone must not only learn to see a doctor, nursing, inspection and other professional knowledge, but also have a number of skills such as the society to the public and households.

Usually, all kinds of inspections, supervision, assessment, evaluation, creation are particularly many, and the pieces are important, and they must be implemented.

In the past, everyone had no time to take care of the family, physically and mentally exhausted, some people moved their thoughts.

Third, the growth rate of township health centers is not obvious

"People go high, water, water", grassroots equipment, less patient, plus township hospital information relatively occasionally, and the new technological new technologies for new things, do not have many opportunities, medical staff The business level is hard to improve.

Fourth, the township health center is not as good as the big hospital

Some health centers have not reflected more than a lot of work, high performance, long-term medical treatment period, and the wage level of township health centers is too large.

For a long time, business backbone and capacity will leave towns and towns to the urban hospital seek better treatment.

V. Township Health Center Doctor's professional identity is not high

The people have no sufficient trust in the township health centers, and it is difficult to establish a doctors and patient relationships.

Some of the masses often put dissatisfied to grassroots medical staff, and the township hospital doctors don't want to see the disease, but also to solve the contradiction between doctors and patients, see a doctor's heart, and the heart is hurt.

How to retain township health centers?

Grassroots doctors have something to say

As the "lead big brother" of the rural medical institution, the township health center in the rural resolution strategy is essential, rehabilitation health, public health, and epidemic prevention and control, the health effect is indispensable.

How to attract talents, retain talents, the author believes that should be made from the establishment of mechanisms, give feet, improving conditions, policies, and increase their honor feelings:

First, I want to "I can get it", standardize the borrowing

Implementation of "Uyteen Town, Town Town" The hospital has a certain period of time, forming a set of up and down flow mechanisms.

At the same time, it is necessary to regulate the borrowing, a health dean near the town has been very sad: "We support people to mobilize, because young people need progress, but against unreasonable borrowing, the grassroots personnel itself is lacking, a large number of unregulated borrowers Affect the work of grassroots hospitals. "

The second is to pay the treatment, break the "big pot"

To completely break the "dry and not dry one, do a good dry and dry and one like", explore 60% of the annual balance income to extract 60% for personnel rewards.

Key points to the clinical line, business backbone, key position, shortage talent tilting, and make full use of economic leverage to retain talents.

The third is to keep preparation, establish a rural actual talent evaluation system

Many township health centers, especially the remote township health centers themselves have a large amount of airborne preparation, take the author's health center, prepare 53 people, calculate the borrowed personnel, and prepare more than a dozen, each year Entroy four or five, have a large number of empty.

If you need to make up a year of recruitment, you can effectively flow out, how many people have added to the retirement every year, guarantee the full-text state, and the business work can be well carried.

In addition, sometimes the township hospitals are not lack of relevant talents, but have not established a rural actual talent evaluation system.

Now recruiting most of the undergraduate degree, in fact, township college or acquired secondary school or above is enough, such talents are the main force of retaining townships.

The fourth is to improve infrastructure conditions and solve life problems.

Use the national strong grassroots policy to improve the infrastructure of township hospitals, eliminate indi-old equipment, purchase advanced equipment, and improve the level of information.

Conditional health institutes can increase hardware equipment such as CT, so that the masses can have advanced inspection and treatment equipment at home, ensure that small diseases do not go out, large illnesses can not come out of counties, rehabilitation in the grassroots, common diseases, and improve the grassroots Trust in the township hospital. Improve the conditions for employees living in township hospitals, build a public rental house, marriage, study, and care for the elderly, care about their work life.

At the same time, the grassroots reduction is implemented, and the medical staff who will work overtime without a holiday will also get a subsidy.

The fifth is to give policy tilt care

It introduces a rigid document that allows the township hospital doctor to get the basic salary 10% township doctor allowance like the teacher nurses.

Open a township medical staff to promote green channels, exempt computers, foreign languages, papers, etc.

Increase the hard area allowance, rewards for a reward for retired medical staff in township work.

Sixth is a strong grassroots honor

At all levels, the grassroots medical staff, focus on clinical first-line, business backbone, key positions, etc., etc. in activities such as evaluation, the priority, and the key positions, and the talents of their careers are inclined.

For long-term root base, it is awarded a reward for the primary physician, which is constantly enhances the grassroots sense of honor. It is willing to take root in the grassroots level.

In short, the township hospital must adopt the health of the health, government support, social support, and to form respect for knowledge, respect for technology, respect talents, respect for care, and can attract talents and retain talents.

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