Over-reducing fat intake, it may become stupid, 24 cold knowledge about obesity

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Over-reducing fat intake, it may become stupid, 24 cold knowledge about obesity

2021-12-01 06:06:37 52 ℃

1. Fat people are easily bitten by mosquito.

2. The study shows that obesity is equivalent to the damage of the brain!

3. China, Japan, South Korea and other East Asian groups control BMI at 22.6 to 27.4, the lowest risk of death, and those who die above or less than this range will increase the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or other diseases will increase .

4. Japanese studies have shown that compared with those who are thin (BMI <18.5), the weight is a little overweight, and can live more than 6 to 7 years.

Note: BMI = body weight (kg) ÷ square height (m)

5. In the fast food diet, the calories of a package are more than the three meals you eat every day.

6. If you eat 12 hours, the most basic metabolic level of the body will drop by 40%. Once the metabolism is declining, you will eat again, and the consequences cannot complete a round of metabolism quickly, resulting in excessive fatty stacking.

7. Playing games can consume more heat than watching TV.

8. According to a research, 80% are diet in 10-year-old girl.

9. When you add 1 kg of muscles, it will help you consume more than 100 calories every day.

10. If you keep moving in all day, you can burn 600 calories.

11. Even if you are thin, you don't mean your physical fitness. The body's fat is not limited to subcutaneous, as well as internal organs.

12. France is increasing in order to respond to national obesity, in 2015, all food and beverage catering stores that can be freely renewed will prohibit customers with a free renewal service.

13. Have you heard of "Happy Fertilizer"? "Happiness fertilizer" is usually defined as: in both sides of the romantic partner relationship, at least one side of weight increases.

14. Standing will also burn the calories. For average, a 150 pound of people will not dry even if they stand, they will burn 114 calories per hour.

15. 60% of the brain consist of fat, if it is possible to lose weight, it is possible to change your fat because it is too much to lose weight.

16. A study of the British pointed out that children with obese women may be more older, compared to normal women, overweight women's newborns are 5.5%, while in the normal age, the human endometers need 5 - 10 years will shorten by 5.5%.

17. In addition to the environment related to the next day, fat is also related to the gene.

18. A study in the United Kingdom shows that watching horror movies can lose weight, see a horror film equivalent to the effect of running half an hour.

19. The heat consumed when sleeping, more than watching TV more than sitting on the sofa.

20. The thin girl is losing weight, but the girl's weight loss method is very strange. Most girls will achieve the purpose of weight loss by reducing food, but will not break the snacks to lose weight.

21. Female fat is more likely to accumulate in the thighs and hips, while male fat is more likely to be stacked in the abdomen.

22. Sleep is insufficient to be looked, because sleep is insufficient to reduce the hormones Leptin with satiety, and improve the hormone ghrelin related to hunger.

23. People who often call their weight are often less likely to be long, because often weighing weight means that this kind of person is in the intention of his own body, always reminding yourself to keep your body.

24. Congo women are so fat, with slim as ugly.