Can a boy actually hit HPV vaccine?The most comprehensive HPV Vaccine Science in history

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Can a boy actually hit HPV vaccine?The most comprehensive HPV Vaccine Science in history

2021-12-01 06:06:25 37 ℃

I do not know little friends hear that, do some time ago, the first domestic HPV cervical cancer vaccine we state (Xin Ning) won the World Health Organization certification, which means that our country will be a vaccine for the whole the benefit of the people of the world! Many children will quickly private letter to ask me a lot of things about cervical cancer and the HPV vaccine, since the children so enthusiastic questions, then today Kwai sister'll tell you about cervical cancer and the HPV vaccine now!

By convention, this should first detail to tell you about cervical cancer, but most of the girls should be from the Internet or the life of cervical cancer have a general understanding Kwai sister is not here with you elaborate on it a brief introduction about it.

First, the relationship between the HPV virus and cervical cancer

And you know, like cervical cancer and HPV virus that's closely related! HPV, also known as its Chinese name - human papillomavirus. HPV is a very large family, has been recognized other viruses have up to 200 classes. HPV lesions mainly through our human skin and mucous membranes, resulting in cervical cancer. Although HPV is known as "women's health killer", but the battle up the tube you are male or female, I Want It All!

However, the risk of HPV while seemingly strong, but in fact they are not infected will get cervical cancer, in fact, most of the HPV virus and cervical cancer and no connection between general HPV virus, the Metropolitan is our strong immunity give swept out! But the real is only able to do that only 5% of the enemy at high risk of persistent infection, once they escape the body's immune system will slowly lurking in the human body, but generally this process takes 5 - - 10 years, and want to prevent HPV virus infection, the best way to say it must be our focus today --HPV vaccine!

Second, the classification of cervical cancer vaccine

We have our own national HPV vaccine, for example, our country's own production of HPV vaccine - Xin Ning, compared to foreign imports of vaccines, it can be said really do [inexpensive]!

Domestic HPV vaccines into three categories, the role of each class in price and the applicable age who are different.

1. The first, and most basic HPV vaccine, bivalent vaccine: mainly for the most dangerous HPV virus types 16 and 18, the two viruses can be said to be the big BOSS cervical cancer. For ages it does, during the 9-45 years old, can be said to be very broad, it should be noted that, to use it in time of December, January, June, three months, three times injection.

2, the second it is tetravalent vaccine: Like its name suggests, it is aimed primarily at the 16 types of HPV virus, type 18, type 6 and type 11, four virus, you need to reach for ages in order to use 20-45 years, it is time to use December, February, June, three times injection

3, the third, the three vaccines is the most powerful vaccine - nine valent vaccine: The main (breath) of HPV16 type, type 18, type 6, type 11, type 31, type 33, type 45 , type 52 and type 58 (of breath). Crisis can be said to be able to prevent the body's HPV virus all over, but since then the strong will have its shortcomings, the age range of nine-valent vaccine against the very limitations, only supports 16-26 years old injections. Using substantially the same time with the above two, 12 months, 2 months, 6 months, by injection three times.

Third, the cervical cancer vaccine unisex do?

This question on the point! Yes! HPV! Phytophthora! Seedling! Boys can play!

Currently accepted view is that the effect of HPV vaccine for women without sexual life the best. But it is worth mentioning that the best boys the HPV vaccine should be injected Oh, part of the HPV vaccine, like on our own country Xin Ning vaccine, it can not only prevent cervical cancer, but also to prevent laryngeal cancer, genital cancer and so on. And in a lot of cases of HPV and cervical cancer in women, with many of the boys is the main source of infection, so in order during sex between male and female students are better able to prevent HPV virus infections, sunflower sister recommended boys and girls are the best admissions about the HPV vaccine.

Fourth, the injected vaccine after completion of the new crown will play the HPV vaccine can be generic it?

This is no problem, Kwai sister also know that before because of the epidemic, many people are vaccinated with the new vaccine crown, so many children it is more worried. After After injection of the HPV vaccine can indeed continue injecting HPV vaccine, however, in order to avoid potential cross-reactivity, interference, increase the risk of adverse reactions, Kwai sister suggest that you, preferably in the inoculation 28 days after the new crown vaccine, it HPV vaccine may be a first needle it.