Winter weather cold children's mouth want to eat spicy, eat more spicy vegetables, strong muscle health

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Winter weather cold children's mouth want to eat spicy, eat more spicy vegetables, strong muscle health

2021-12-02 12:11:02 48 ℃

After entering December, the temperature of these two days continued to decline, yesterday's highest temperature up to 13 degrees, today's highest temperature fell to a bit! It is really cold! At the end of November, the temperature just turned again. In December, he suddenly cooked a lot of children and the old people had a cold. Everyone must pay attention to keep warm. I have to eat more nutritious dishes. I recommend some cows today. The mutton is still a big fish, all the must-have ingredients of winter health, not only to eat more, but the whole family should eat, the child can supplement nutrition and promote development, adults can enhance the quality of physical fitness, more live The younger!

This dish introduced today is Xinjiang large plate chicken, is the most embarrassing "spicy vegetables", fresh and refreshing, colorful, easy to learn is not expensive, come and see

First of all, children often eat chicken to effectively strengthen their body. The muscles contain rich proteins, these proteins can fully digest and utilize after they have been eaten, helping children to enhance their physical fitness, and the body has become stronger, and the physical quality is higher, more Strengthen, even if you have long been studying, you will not feel particularly tired, usually, you can eat more chicken.

Eat chicken can also effectively improve immunity, now everyone's life stress is very large, very busy every day, many people are in sub-health. And properly eat a little muscle can effectively enhance immunity, help reduce the possibility of sick, can treat fake labor and weakness, low fuaches, diarrhea, diarrhea, menstruation, edema and other symptoms.

Children often eat chicken can also help brain development, promote growth intelligence, and make children become smarter, learn more easily. Chicken has a certain antioxidant effect, and has a very good detoxification effect, which has a very good protective effect on the liver and kidneys.

After entering December, he will usher in the snowy and so on. The temperature will begin to fall, the weather in the deep winter is cold, the body is warm and very important. Everyone quickly eats the nourishment, warm the stomach is not afraid of cold!