You don't know the anti-cancer "artifact", there is an important impact on reducing 40% cancer mortality - anti-cancer housekeeper

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You don't know the anti-cancer "artifact", there is an important impact on reducing 40% cancer mortality - anti-cancer housekeeper

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High energy warning! This article will integrate multiple perspectives to subvert your awareness of cancer! Tell the cancer you don't know!


In the field of medicine, there are two cheap old agents who have repeatedly brushing screens, because they have been discovered to the magical effect, and they were named "God".

You must have or less you have heard their big name - Dimicuan and aspirin:

Aspirin's anti-cancer effect has been officially announced, epidemiological evidence shows that it reduces 40% to 50% of colon cancer risk, and may prevent lung cancer, esophageal cancer and gastric cancer; metformin is more fancy, anti-cancer is only new Possible curative effect.

In addition to metformin and aspirin, in fact, there is also a kind of drug and the like, which is also used for decades, and it is also very common in the elderly people, and it also found potential anti-cancer effect in recent years, such drugs That is - statin.

A study on "Journalof Thoraciconcology" magazine magazine once again made statin anti-cancer into hot topics, and studies the use of aspirin, metformin and statin, and has independent protective correlation with lung cancer mortality.

More than 30 years of history, lipid-lowering drugs, find new anti-cancer new effects

Many of the aspirin know that it is a cardiovascular disease treatment, an anti-platelet aggregation, preventing thrombosis, thereby preventing myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

If the drug treatment of cardiovascular disease is more than a "person", aspirin is one of the legs, the other leg is statin.

The name of statins is derived from Statin's transliteration, and it is the earliest use of lipid-lowering drugs. It is still a clinical most common high cholesterol hypermia treatment.

Due to the gradual relationship between cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, anti-cancer managers-Kang Ai organist, we fight with cancer, cure cancer is not a dream. It is found that taking statins can greatly reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, so the statin is used in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

A lot of cardiovascular diseases have even needed to take medicine for life to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

Because of this, with the wide application of statins, the potential benefits of statins in cancer treatment have also begun to show.

In 2012, the famous medical scheduled new England magazine is known that statins can reduce the risk of death of cancer patients.

This study follows up to Danish population that was diagnosed with cancer between 1995 and 2007. It has been used in two categories before the diagnosis, and the mortality difference is observed.

It was found that in 13 kinds of cancer types, patients using statins were reduced in 13 kinds of cancer types than patients who had never used statins.

In 2017, Chinese scholars published a META analysis of "INT J Cancer" magazine, and containing more than 1.1 million patients by analyzing 55 research results, the results show:

Cancer patients taking statins were reduced by 30% compared to patients who did not take statins, and the cancer-related mortality rate was reduced by 40%.

Whether it is a type of tumor, the sample size, the time to enable statins, the country of research, and the length of the follow-up time, all showing statins.

Special, in lung cancer:

In 2007, a large case-of case-based case for US veterans found that statins can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 55% more than 6 months; in 2015, a case-control study on female lung cancer in Taiwan was published. Using the risk of lung cancer decreased by 20%; also in 2015, a queue study found that taking statins would cause cancer related mortality in patients with lung cancer.

Tentian joint program encounters "Waterloo"

Despite the continuous research discovery, it is related to the risk of cancer death, but most of these research is retrospective.

It is popular to "post later Zhuge Liang", can only show "correlation" with a decrease in statin and cancer mortality, and cannot prove "causality".

Most people who eat statins have cardiovascular problems, perhaps the cause of cardiovascular disease is the cause of cancer mortality? Also have other reasons, this is not allowed.

Therefore, in order to study "causality", a randomized control test (RCT) is required, which is a strict control variable, making the test group and control group only do not eat statins.

Later, scientists did anxiously to do randomized research, but the result is not ideal.

In 2018, a meta-analysis of 10 were incorporated in the randomized control of statin anti-cancer, and the total survival and no progress of the patient were treated with a single standard treatment. .

This result allows statin anti-cancer encounters "Waterloo", which leads to the anti-cancer effect of statin, and the debate is constant.

"Three medicine group", new research brings new ideas

It is clear that the use of statins is related to the decrease in cancer mortality, but the results of randomized controlled trials have no obvious benefit. It is difficult to cause cancer mortality, which is really not statin, but a cardiovascular disease associated with statins?

Last October was published in a famous medical period JapanAlof Thracic Oncology for this question to provide new ideas.

In this study, anti-cancer managers - Kang Ai organs, we fight with cancer, cure cancer is not a dream. The researchers have studied the influence of aspirin, metformin and statin drugs on lung cancer, analyzed the health data of more than 730,000 people in Korea, found: aspirin, metformin and statin drugs, independent of lung cancer mortality Protective correlation, but metformin and the incidence of lung cancer are correlated. In addition, the combination of aspirin, metformin and statins, and the occurrence of lung cancer and related deaths showed stronger protective correlation, and this correlation exhibits dose dependence.

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are like twin flowers, Tirian, people with diabetes, often have a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

This is because diabetes not only cause metabolic disorders, which in turn affects blood lipid levels, and high blood sugar will also cause "toxicity" to the heart and blood vessels.

At the same time, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes have many common risk factors, and some bad habits that lead to cardiovascular disease may also lead to diabetes. This is especially obvious in the elderly population.

Therefore, aspirin, metformin and statins are often used as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, often not alone, many people are eating at the same time.

That is to say, when discusses whether to take statins to the survival of cancer, it is likely to ignore the correlation between the disease (cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer), and even the interaction between drugs.

We may not study a certain kind of drug alone, but several drugs are taken as a whole. In this case, the effect of statin drugs on cancer mortality may be closer to the real world.

Inflammation, aging and cancer:

Cancer truth you don't know

Aspirin, metformin, statin, seemingly different mechanisms, have a common feature: they all have a certain anti-inflammatory effect.

Aspirin is a classic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which can reduce the production of inflammatory mediators, thereby play an anti-inflammatory effect; most of the lipid-lowering therapies have anti-inflammatory and immunotechanism, including statins; in recent years Studies have shown that metformin also has an anti-inflammatory effect while reducing blood sugar, and has a certain benefit of chronic inflammatory reactive diseases.

Everything will not open the word "inflammation", and pay attention to the public number, you may remember that we have released the article that tells inflammation and cancer associations: "The true death of cancer is actually chronic inflammation!" "Redfoxic drug" reduces the risk of lung cancer deaths in 12%. "

It is actually the age, other factors, genes, smoking, radiation radiation, obesity, bad habits, etc.

From the latest 2015 China Cancer Statistical report, it can also be seen that the incidence of cancer is suddenly elevated as age. Because of this, the human body test over 40 years old will recommend routine investigation of cancer.

China has had a period of cancer incidence, but it is not because of the stimuli that causes cancer, but has grown per capita life. Many people live to the age of cancer.

As long as you live for a long time, cancer is likely to find you. How to understand this correlation between cancer and aging?

In January 2020, Professor Claudio Franceschi, Bologna, Italy, published a new theory in "Nature Medicine" magazine - "inflammatory aging" theory.

According to this theory, aging is a systemic inflammatory process, and triggered all kinds of diseases: Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes and cancer.

"Today, chronic inflammatory diseases have become the primary cause of death. Anti-cancer housekeeper-Kang Ai organ, let's fight cancer, cure cancer is not a dream. There is enough evidence that people's life is accompanied by chronic inflammation The existence and increases the risk of death. "

Under such a theoretical framework, metformin with anti-inflammatory effects simultaneously with anti-aging effects and exhibits a certain benefit in tumor therapy, and it will follow.


Can statins can't eat? Should you eat cancer patients?

Since the benefit evidence is still insufficient, taking statins is not a must option. However, statin is a prevention of drugs, and the high-risk population of coronary heart disease is recommended to take statins. Cancer patients, many of them are high-risk populations of cardiovascular disease, and many people also have hyperlipidemia due to treatment.

In this case, taking statins is straightforward. What's more, his Ting is inexpensive, and the security is good, otherwise it will not take medicine for life.

Similar to statins, metformin also has cheap, low side effects, and may bring potential benefits. See the previous article. But aspirin can't be worried, it may increase the risk of bleeding and need to be strictly monitored.

In general, the level of inflammation to reduce the body is not necessarily depends on drugs, proper exercise, sucking sleep, keeping a good mood, is something that is slight, but it is difficult to persist.

Real anti-cancer medicine, has been in your own hands!

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