Can you make your baby more smarter, and how much is your parents?

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Can you make your baby more smarter, and how much is your parents?

2021-12-02 12:11:26 58 ℃

After birth, the brain has been in a rapid development period, plus them to learn a variety of knowledge, but also to use brain function, so the child's brain needs enough nutrition to make power support, can make them become more Be smart.

Similarly, there is a nutrient substance that promotes brain development, there is a harmful substance that is damaged the brain, so parents need to learn healthy foods for their children.

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In particular, the brain itself is easily attracted to harmful food. If there is no external intervention, children are difficult to control themselves.

1) Soy products

Soy is rich in lecithin, plant protein, can promote brain development and make children smarter.

The lecithin contains rich choline, phosphatidylsenine, the former can make the brain cell membrane more complete, increase the communication efficiency between neurons, the latter to repair the cell membrane, increase memory. The protein is the basis of brain activity.

2) mushroom

Various mushrooms are rare to supplement vitamin D plants, this nutrient element, in addition to promoting calcium absorption, can also alleviate the fatigue of brain, let children learn more.

At the same time, the variety of amino acids in mushrooms, the content is also much, and the brain can make the brain healthier.

3) Dairy products

Liquid milk, cheese, yogurt contains rich protein, increasing brain vitality, there is enough calcium elements, keep your child's emotionally stable, so that your brain is healthier.

4) Eggs

The egg yolk in the egg contains a lot of lecithin, and the brain effect is as described above; the protein, the protein content is also rich.

Parents can let children eat an egg yolk every day, multiple proteins.

5) Deep sea fish

DHA in deep sea fish is high, this is an important component of the brain, which can maintain the growth of neurological cell growth, and improve child memory.

Parents can let the child eat 2 to 3 oceans a week, each time in about 50 grams, when cooking, try to avoid high temperature for a long time, so as not to be destroyed from DHA.

And try to pick salmon, squid, etc., avoid tuna, square fish, so as not to take over the heavy metal, but it is stupid.

1) Juice and other foods with high sugar content

Even in fresh juice, the nutrients are almost, but containing a lot of sugar, a cup of juice is higher than cola, and the sugar is twice as cola.

Once a child 1 ~ 3 years old, drink juice a day exceed 120ml, it is easy to cause high blood glucose levels.

The study found that people with high blood sugar in the body, the hippocampus in the brain realized small, which means that their memory is poor and cannot be quickly memorized.

2) Food with high trans fatty acid content

The study found that trans fatty acids will harm to adolescent central nervous systems, and after they are old, they will be more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease than others.

The trans fatty acid is present in a large amount of fried food, dessert, and instant noodles, let the children can't prevent it.

3) Food with high sodium content

Some researchers feed a small amount of salin, then detect their brain changes, and the blood flow volume of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus is reduced when intake, and the blood flow of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus is reduced. Memory is greatly reduced.

Soy sauce, potato chips, spicy strips, instant noodle soup, contain a large amount of salt, also representing their sodium content, a salt content of the instant noodles, reaching a day's intake, if you eat other foods, it is very Easy to take over the standard.

The so-called junk food is the low nutritional density, but heat, fat, and sugar.

The brain likes these foods, first of all, human beings are eaten before, so I prefer food that can provide energy, think they are more delicious, now full, but this gene inheritance has not changed; second, brain likes diversity, If you have a good taste for a long time, you can meet the decline, and the junk food is rich in taste, it is difficult to be eaten; in the end, the brain is memorized. After eating once, the taste and pleasant feeling will be remembered. Once again, I still want to eat.

Therefore, I want to let the child don't eat snacks, and my parents will give them less to eat, or to abunderstand the taste of three meals a day.