Immune memories can be awakened by the brain!Why is cheerful people not easily suffer from cancer?

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Immune memories can be awakened by the brain!Why is cheerful people not easily suffer from cancer?

2021-12-02 12:09:08 54 ℃

Published in the "Cell" magazine, the latest articles of colitis and peritonitis were confirmed by mice. And in the previous studies, it is confirmed that stimulates the brain and pleasant regions to inhibit tumor development, and the development of brain science will also play better anti-cancer effects.

As early as possible, a classic experiment has rewritten the view of people's brain activities - this is Paprov dog. Whenever Phuipulov shakes the bell, it will feed the dog. For a long time, whenever the dog hears the bell, it will unconsciously secrete saliva.

In fact, it is not only the case, but also a similar adjustment effect may also have a human immune system! This is not a hole in the wind, there are many cases that can be protected:

A patient with allergic reactions, even if he just saw artificial roses, it will feel the throat itching - this shows that even if they see the feeling of pollen in the rose, it is enough to cause allergic syndrome generation;

In the 1970s, scientists found in the taste trial of mice: can be used to take immunosuppressive drugs and saccharin by continuously giving mice, and ultimately taking sugar can inhibit immune activities of mice;

Is this true?

The team led by the neural immunologist Asya Rolls gave the answer and published in the "Cell" magazine: the neuron in the brain hits the ability to mobilize the immunity, and can mobilize the "immune response" generated in the past.

This article cover (Source: "Cell" official website)

In this latest study, the researchers added a chemical in the drinking water of the mice, which can damage the inner wall of the colon to promote the occurrence of colitis, labeled the neurons that react to inflammation, find corresponding The brain cells responsible for the area and placed molecular switches on the activated brain cells through genetically conductive brain cells. More anti-cancer anti-cancer knowledge,

After a few weeks of mice rehabilitation, the researchers re-activated the corresponding neurons by molecular switches, and the rehabilitation mice had an inflammatory reaction similar to previous colitis! In order to further verify the results accurately, the researchers once again verified the peritonitis test of mice, and the results have been similar results! This shows that the neurons of the brain can mobilize the previous immunization memories!

In addition, when they began to suppress corresponding neurons in the brain, even by chemicals induced colitis, the degree of response will also be reduced - this shows that the signal in the brain is also helping to determine the degree of inflammatory response, judge the seriousness of the disease degree. These studies have shown that brains and immune regulations are two-way effects. Immunization to brain transfer signals, the brain is also judging corresponding immune situations, interacting.

Image Source: Pixabay official website

Of course, the mutual adjustment of brain and immunization can also act in cancer treatment. In 2018, the team of Asya Rolls found that stimulating the mental pleasant neurons in the brain of mice can make the function of the immunosuppressive cell subgroup to effectively delay the growth rate of tumors.

For the immunization of the human body, it is regulated by neuron, but also causing the mood and depression, it will also affect the immune response, leading to the development of immune imbalance to promote cancer - this may promote future brain science in immunotherapy Application.