The refrigerator has eight steps, using it correctly!

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The refrigerator has eight steps, using it correctly!

2021-12-02 12:10:30 51 ℃

Many people are always going to put the unfinished food into the refrigerator, as if they can put into the storage period of the refrigerator food, it can be extended infinitely, especially when the New Year, the large number of years of ending is always in the refrigerator. It seems that just keep the food into the refrigerator, you can keep fresh, but the truth is true?

In fact, no matter where the food is placed, the oxidation reaction is still slowly in progress, making the food flavor and nutrients, so the food will gradually become unfreshing for too long. Generally, the temperature of the refrigerator will be approximately 4-8 ° C, the freezer is approximately -18 ° C, and most of the microorganisms that cause food poisoning can still be killed at these temperatures, up to it only to reduce the activity, In addition, the refrigerator door is always turned on, making the temperature easy to rise, and the effect of suppressing the microorganism is also a discount. Therefore, food should be reasonably stored to maximize the efficacy of the refrigerator, for example: the fruit and vegetable category will then dry the surface water and then put it into the refrigerator, and the fish and meat are not going to eat immediately. If you should be packaged, you should put it in the freezer. And soaked, with high fat content should be placed in the refrigeration, avoiding the separation of oil and water, and the cooked food in the refrigerator is separated.

Although the refrigerator has greatly extended the food preservation period, it also improves people's habits, but develops a good habit. Do not put all food into the refrigerator, maintain the most in the refrigerator, and regularly Clean the refrigerator to avoid corruption of food, but also let yourself suffer from the harm of food poisoning!