Hepatitis B patients are common 5 questions, have you also?

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Hepatitis B patients are common 5 questions, have you also?

2021-12-03 13:03:59 50 ℃

For hepatitis B, you know how much, there is often such a question in your heart, here we have summarized the most common five questions.

First: Can hepatitis B?

I saw many patients asking me this question in the comment area, and this is one of everyone's biggest trouble. But amazing is that the answer is affirmed, hepatitis B patients can get married normally.

We all know that the main spread pathways of hepatitis B are blood dissemination, sexual dissemination, and maternal and child vertical communication, so if there is no protection, it is possible to spread viral spread because of blood exposure (although very trace). However, as long as one of the health is inoculated in advance, it is necessary to have an antibody. It is also an effective protective measures without understanding whether there is an antibody, or before the hepatitis B vaccine is not inoculated.

Second: Will hepatitis B will deteriorate into liver harden?

Although hepatitis B infection is the primary cause of my country's liver hardening, slow hepatitis B is actually can be treated, as long as it is actively treated, listening to the doctor's advice. Most patients have effectively controlled, that is, most of patients with hepatitis B will not deteriorate into liver hardening.

Third: Can you eat with hepatitis B patients?

In all viral hepatitis, the digestive tract infection is only the infection pathway of hepatitis A and glutulectin. The remaining three hepatitis has a blood, that is, hepatitis B is spread by blood, so hepatitis B patients can be eaten together. Will not be Infectious, but pay attention to whether there is a bleeding of gums.

Fourth: Is the hepatitis B virus carrying hepatitis?

Hepatitis B virus carriers and hepatitis B patients are not equal, and carriers do not necessarily have inflammation. And even if there is no symptom, the carrier is not fully healthy. If it is in the virus replication period, it will cause damage to the liver, and then slowly evolve chronic hepatitis.

Fifth: Can hepatitis B cure? If you can't cure, how should you prevent it?

The most effective means to prevent hepatitis B is to inject hepatitis B vaccine. For all medical workers, newborns often use blood products or blood transfusion, long-term need for a blood dialysis, it is recommended that these people are injected with hepatitis B vaccine. In fact, there are many ways to treat hepatitis B in the clinic. Chinese and Western medicine have a wealth of treatment means, but the current antiviral treatment is the key. Although chronic hepatitis B cannot be cured, we can't give up treatment, as long as the conditions are allowed, Antiviral treatment should be carried out, which in turn reaches the effect of stabilizing and even blocking the development of the disease, which does not affect the quality of life.