How is the water in the water dispenser?Many people don't know

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How is the water in the water dispenser?Many people don't know

2021-12-03 13:05:00 56 ℃

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The water dispenser is home, office

And the standard of many public places


Many people cleaning the water dispenser

Not particularly

Ask you here:

How long does your home drinking aater have not washed?

Half a year? One year? Still never cleaned?

Do you know that the water of the water dispenser is dirty?


We take the traditional barrel-fitting water dispenser as an example.

Take a look at the water of the water dispenser in the end.

How is the water of the water dispenser?

First, we need to understand two questions first.

Microbial content requirements for qualified drinking water

The national "Life Drinking Water Health Standard" (GB5749-2006) requires microbial content, the total number of colony is less than 100cfu / ml, and the coliform group is not detected in every 100ml water sample.

Structure of the water dispenser

After the barrel is placed onto the water dispenser, the water will pass through the "clever seat", and then partially flows directly through the cold water pipe to the cold water interface, and the other part flows into the storage tank through the hot water pipe, and then heating in liner, and finally through the heat The water interface flows out.

A water dispenser

Possible appearance looks bright and bright

But if you look in

It will be very "head"

1. bucket

Outer air

Containment with dust, bacteria

Orthically, in the barrel

These dirty things will quietly integrate into the water

"Married and born"

So water in the bucket

Basically "a little thing"

2. Clever stand

Clever stand

Location in the connection to the bucket and the water storage area

At first glance is a good hand of gray

When you have no water, you will be a big mouth.

It's easy to fall as gray

After the bucket buckle

The above dust, bacteria will run into the water

A bucket "dust hodgepodge" is born

3. Cold water temporary storage area

Take the clever seat, below is the cold water temporary area

You will see the small black spots of dense Ma Ma

Those who are dust dirt

The inner wall looks yellow, greasy

If you use your hand

Hand feels slippery

This is the bacteria in the breeding.

Sliding one layer is a bacterial film produced by microbial breeding

4. Liner

Water dispenser is used to boil the water

The "dirty chaotic" inside is a heavy action

It doesn't heat the water to boiling

Generally heated to more than 80 degrees

Many bacteria in the water are actually killed.

And during long-term heating

The minerals in the water will slowly deposit meal

Farm in the neighborhood

The water dispenser is not in place,

What will happen for a long time?

If the cleaning is not in place, the bacterial growth reproduction will appear "secondary pollution".

Drinking such water for a long time, it may cause human stomach discomfort, even abdominal pain, diarrhea, and severe possible to cause urinary tract infections.

Therefore, it is important to perform cleaning and disinfection of the water dispenser.

Water dispenser, it is best to wash every month

Cleaning frequency

Winter monthly cleaning

Often use the water dispenser is equivalent to flushing frequently with flowing water, which can reduce scale deposition and bacterial reproduction.

Usually use less homes, 1 week; frequently used every day, clean each month, so summer is good for bacterial breeding, it is best to clean once.

Cleaning parts

Water mouth + clever seat + liner

● Clever seat: After power off, use medical alcohol to damp the clean rag, wipe the water outlet, water tank, and drinking machine housing, and play the disinfection effect.

● Ball like: the liner can be cleaned with water, but it is best to disinfect once in 2 to March. When disinfecting, cut off the power, emptying the water in the sink, then pour the special cleaning solution into the liner, and stand for about 20 minutes, then discharge the water, use the water to continue to rinse the water dispenser in the smart. There is no smell of disinfectant.

● Faucet: If the milk, juice, coffee, etc. in the water, the juice, coffee, etc. should be contacted with the faucet, and should be rinsed with water and dry.

● Sink: There should be foreign matter such as tea in the sink. When stains, the cleaning should be removed, or clean once a week.

More bacteria may accumulate more bacteria within a long-term unused water dispenser, please be cleaned to avoid damage to the machine.

Dirty signal

There is a odor, small water flow

Water has odor, the water flow of the water dispenser is small, and the boiling water time is extended, which is a signal that needs to be cleaned. The hot water switch has long been stressed to accelerate the accumulation of scale, shorten the service life of the machine, it is recommended that it is best to heat when hot water is required.

Filter water dispensers typically cannot be disassembled, it is recommended to clean according to the specification, replace the filter element every 1-2 years, and should pay attention to clean the machine surface when cleaning.

The water dispenser is best placed in the light or incorporates the bell in the bucket and maintains a neat environment.

Did the water of the water dispenser boil?

Drinking repeatedly heated water is unhealthy?

Most water drinkers have not boiled. The hot water and insulation function of the water dispenser mainly rely on the temperature control sensing device, and the water in the bucket flows into heating inner bile, generally, when the temperature control sensor feels about 90 ° C, the heating power will automatically cut off. When the water temperature drops to 80 ° C, the temperature sensor will reheating the water and then cycled. Therefore, many people think that the hot water of the water dispenser is "thousand roll water" and has a fear.

People's concerns about "thousand rolling water" mainly think that the water is "concentrated" as the water evaporates in repeated heat.However, the throttle is not right, nitrite, "the" Acute Nitrite Pharmaceutical Emergency Response Technical Program "poisoned in the minimum poisoning dose of approximately 0.1g, nitrite in the water dispenserWhat is the salt content?It has been experimentally determined that the nitrite content in tap water is 0.007 mg / liter, and the value is 0.021 mg / liter after boiling once, and the content after the boiling 20 times is 0.038 mg / liter.

"Food Safety National Standard Food Solid Limit" (GB 2762-2017) stipulates that the maximum limit value of the nitrite (NOT) in the packaging drinking water (ore) is 0.005 mg / liter, so the barrelThe nitrite content in the water is below tap water.Therefore, water that needs to be drunk into tons will reach the nitrite.