After the AIDS is invasive, you still have 72 hours to save!

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After the AIDS is invasive, you still have 72 hours to save!

2021-12-03 13:04:54 49 ℃

December 1st is the 34th "World AIDS Day"

According to WHO November 30, 2020, official website news

HIV has captured nearly 33 million people in the world

At the end of 2019

Estimate 38 million hidden infected people

There is currently no drug or method to cure AIDS.

But through early diagnosis

Treatment of timely regular medication

Can maximize HIV replication

Delay the progression progression

Extend the life of infection

Everyone knows about AIDS.

Maybe there is enough

Therefore, there will be fear and discrimination.

A found answer to the experience of sharing his own exposure

Occupational exposure: occupational exposure, refers to a risk factor in risk factors due to professional relationships, thereby possible to harm one of health or endangers.

Comic story is adapted according to the real event


If the doctor does not eat in time

What is the consequences are not even more imagined ...

This doctor is unfortunate

Whee and death

And he is lucky

Can be effectively treated in a critical juncture


There are many people who have infected HIV.

I don't know what is HIV blocker.

I missed the best treatment period.

Ren to develop in AIDS

HIV invaded the human body process

HIV needs to develop in the body for a while

Come into AIDS

So before this

HIV infected people can be self-rescued

How to understand

Let's first use a simple comic

Learn about the process of HIV invading the human body:

Everyone should know

AIDS is self-rescued

As long as it takes a blockage in 72 hours

In AIDS prevention work

Many people have a lucky psychology

Even the existence of this medicine

Also choose not to eat

I thought I would be fine.

This is very important

Many AIDS patients

It's all after you are sick.

At that time, I was lucky.

But a little attention is not infected

Blocking drug is not "regret medicine"

The difficulty of AIDS prevention and treatment is that it is impossible to cure and control difficult. At present, the world has not developed a drug that is thoroughly cured AIDS, and there is no vaccination for prevention. At the current medical level, patients or infected people must use medicine for life. Therefore, anti-Ai publicity education is especially important, preventing the best "vaccine".

Know hiv, understand HIV, can eventually defeat HIV!

Rejecting drugs, self-respect, obeying sexual morality, and cultivating positive lifestyle is to prevent the fundamental measures of AIDS.

Don't think that you are far from AIDS.

Don't have a luck.

First, there are frequent people with high-risk behavior. If there is a fever, the lymph nodes are large, it is best to check it.

Second, digestive tract infection, cough diarrhea, etc., it is best to check it.

Third, young tumor patients, because AIDS often combines malignant tumors, it is best to check it.

The guiding unit of the prevention of prevention in the exposure of Xianning City is: Xianning City Center Hospital Infectious Division.