Is the good joy to eat insect eggs?Many foods have a parasite, how big is the human harm?

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Is the good joy to eat insect eggs?Many foods have a parasite, how big is the human harm?

2021-12-03 13:05:30 51 ℃

There are many people in life, and life will be more exciting in life. Of course, China is a society of a land, and all regions have different differences and the most attractive people. With the dissemination of cultural communication, Guangxi's special snack spiral powder begins to spread all corners of China, and many powder lovers began to explore happiness. Many merchants must not let this opportunity, start selling snail powder on the network platform.

Original business is a wind, which can be recently, a user published by a small red book app makes people panic. He has exploded the "good fun snail" brand sprinkle. And the real picture of the eggs were taken up. Then there are many customers who purchase "good fun snail" screw powder to explode. Similar pictures. Although "Good Food Sail" brand has always emphasized that his food is treated with Papan sterilization, it has not been verified for the problem of parasites in food.

Food safety issues are related to people's lives and health. "Good fun snail", the egg incident is not the first case of food out of parasites, just before, Jiangsu Nantong's Customer purchased the chicken legs purchased in KFC Vansite, a large number of white worms are also daunting. Recently, the eggs in the yogurt, etc., and the food safety issues have always been the topic of the people's most keen discussions.

1. Subjective factors, the health supervision is not strict, my country is a clear food health requirements for food, and should strictly investigate, ensure that each process of food can be produced in a healthy environment. . But if some irresponsible merchants, only the maximization of the interests, it is easy to ignore food safety issues.

2, parasites are a parasitic organism that cannot be independently presented, and it is necessary to be parasitized to other organisms. The more weighful food is, the more parasites want parasitic objects, especially snail, shrimp, meat food, it can quickly reproduce their own strength on these foods, and the parasites have strong reproductive ability. It can breed hundreds of thousands in a short time.

Japan has had a case of parasitic poisoning cases, and 18 people eat compared to fish fillets in a restaurant, abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms, came to the hospital for examination, it is a ghost in the sashimi, the more cold Or semi-cooked food is easier to carry parasites. Therefore, when you eat cold food, you have a dizzy, abdominal pain, diarrhea, should be alert whether it is parasitic infection. If you have a parasitic infection, you should keep medical treatment in time, pay attention to the health of your diet during treatment.

It can be seen that by parasite infection, it is really not a small thing, and the ability of parasites is not small, and it can cause great harm to the body.

Like fleas, parasites, such as fleas, usually parasitic on animals, infected people, bite the skin, let the skin teasing, there is an inflammation, such parasites usually love the skin's surface, it is also easy to make delicate The skin is injured, and it will also cause skin disease.

There are also some parasitic digestive parasites on food, such as aphids, dewiers, etc., will follow food into the human body, which is easy to cause intestinal discomfort, abdominal pain, and other symptoms, if necessary, medication can be taken.

Parasite will absorb nutrients in the body, not only to take away nutrition, but also to the body organs, so that the human body is hurt, and it is also lost nutritional supplements. It will not stop it for a long time. The body has become fragile and the resistance is weaker, which is prone to normal health. Especially for children, elderly or pregnant women, it is more snow. Many families will be pregnant because of their family, but also to bring their pets in their home, which is afraid of todded infections, once they are infected with Toxoplasma, to cause the death of the fetus.

The development of society is getting faster and faster, but the problem of food safety is endless. The main reason is the interests of the enterprise into the first place, but there is no life and health of people. In particular, the food industry does not put hygiene health in the first place, even if it is more interest, it will not be a larger. It is necessary to eliminate the society in the morning and evening, a company, there is no correct business value, do not put people's interests in the eyes, and it is difficult to meet your own interests.

I hope that all walks of life in society can work in accordance with the correct values, the integrity of integrity, integrity is the foundation of commercial development. Of course, in the food industry, safety health is the first, followed by all aspects. Marketing strategy, only makes consumers as a friend, when a relative, the goods can do better, the longer life can be.