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What is a sugar tolerance test?| The doctor knows

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The doctor said: "To do a sugar-resistant test, screen the diabetes."

Pregnant mothers, people with diabetes sick risks are often arranged by doctors to make "glucose tolerance tests", what is it checking? # 医 说 说 ​​# #

"Sugar Tolerance", simply, the human body's "endurance" of many sugar. Some people will say, is it unable to endure? NO, compared to taste, the body's perception is more important: medicine will use a reliable glucose dose to detect the ability of the human pancreas to secrete insulin, if secreted or delayed, then the body treatment of glucose "ability" Decrease, there may be diabetes.

So, how do you describe the "glucose tolerance test"?

Sugar tolerance test, generally refers to oral glucose tolerance test, used to detect the human body to blood sugar, used to screen, diagnosis, diabetes. Under normal circumstances, after oral glucose, blood glucose will temporarily increase, stimulating the secretion of insulin, but through the body's regulation of blood sugar, it is generally reduced to an empty stomach level within 3 hours. Diabetic patients may have sustained blood sugar rise because of the decline in blood sugar.

Key 1: Blood

Regularly extrapolated blood, that is, the front arm blood collection; generally test 3 times or 5 blood, the first blood collection in the empty stomach, then drink the first mouth of sugar water to start timing, after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours were drawn once.

Yes, the most painful actually of "sugar tolerance test" is a lot of arm to be tied!

Key 2: Drinking sugar water

First, 75 grams of glucose is dissolved in 250 ~ 300 ml warm water; then, shake evenly shake; finally, after 5 minutes.

Be sure to do it according to the doctor, otherwise it may affect the test results.

Key 1: fasting blood sugar

Normal reference value: 3.9 ~ 6.1mmol / L;

Key 2: Drinking sugar 2 hours blood sugar

Normal reference value: less than 7.8 mmol / L.

Source: China Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Guide (2020 Edition)

It is necessary to emphasize that if it is pregnant mother, it must be regularized, "glucose tolerance test" in the pregnancy period of 24-28 weeks, and the diagnostic criteria can be strict, and the following conditions can be diagnosed as gestational diabetes:

Fasting blood glucose ≥ 5.1mmol / L; 1 hour of seasonal sugar ≥ 10.0 mmol / L; 2 hours after sugar ≥ 8.5 mmol / L. Within 3 days in the first 3 days, the daily carbohydrate intake is not less than 150g, which means to eat normally, at least one day three meals, one or two main foods. After 12 o'clock one night, I was fasted for 8 ~ 10 hours before checking, so it is best to arrange a meal time in advance. The drug may be deactivated before the drug, such as contraceptives, diuretics or phenytoin sodium, it is recommended to stop the drug for 3 to 7 days in the case of the condition. In the final analysis, it is the two hours of drinking sugar, don't smoke, don't drink, don't drink coffee and tea, don't do strenuous exercise, of course, no need to bed.


In general, the sugar tolerance test mainly targets pregnant mothers, people with diabetes, is a test made by doctors according to the patient's situation, and ordinary people don't need to do it, nor is it a regular basis project.


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